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Above: Fifth Anniversary of the Elsewhere Philatelic Society; EPS at the Berkeley Kite Festival

2015 items of note: Ah, another weblog restart. This time, with my own demented software which started out by generating images and not proper text-based html because [FX: rolls eyes for two decades]. I'll come back and fix this, I'm sure. [FX: flees]

I'm getting caught up here and there ... now you should go read the updates to the Trader Joe's FAQ. You can click on this entry and it will take you there.

Usually I spend Thanksgiving Fifth Gear Eating Celebration at friend's house. This year, after the traditional Ingestion Period and Adults V. Kids Soccer Game Where The Adults Lose Because They're Out Of Shape Sedentary Lumps With No Soccer Skills Not Because Of A Lack Of Concentrated Yet Strained Effort, two of the kids pulled a saxophone and drum kit out onto the porch. They are just starting out, so it's Bridges In London Are Collapsing and Mary's Got A Lamb and London Bridges Are Falling Down Again. The father played them the sax/drum bits from a popular tune by an Icelandic band whose name is close to Toberlone. Toberlerone. Toblerone? Yeah. The one with the seekrit bear logo that blowns minds. After what I thought was an impressively short time, the sax player had the bit down, but it was getting a bit dark so the drummer had some homework, if he so chose. They also made about three bucks from people walking by the house which I thought was a nice gesture given that in Berkeley the neighbors are usually ready to whine the instant you don't fit into the regular consumer-shaped peg hole. I dropped down fifty cents, to be split between them and their agent/management team. The dad is also trying to fast-track "Careless Whisper" on the young sax player's to-do list.

I had to do some work the other day on some other thing and needed to re-map the keyboard. "This will be easy, I will just go on the internet of value, and acquire a vector keyboard image."

[10 minutes later] "Ah, this is a foreign language keyboard."

[10 minutes later] "Ah, this one is wrong, and also wrong again."

[10 minutes later] "Yes, of course I will make my own keyboard image. Because no one has never needed one ever in the history of the world."

So. If you click on this text, it will take you to my exciting keyboard imagery. Wow.