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Above: a cluestamp pasted on a payphone leading to the Hexnode Network (part of the Elsewhere Philatelic Society).

2011 items of note: The Cardhouse time budget for this year was used instead working on Elsewhere Philatelic Society projects. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you should perhaps apply to be a member. Is free!

January 2011.

2011jan25. Friday Free Day is Tuesday Tree Day or Wednesday Wee Day this week, whenever this posts which will not be Friday. Each one of these entries is hand-tooled by master craftsmen who have been hitting the sauce pretty hard lately, so it's difficult to know in advance when exactly any particular entry will emerge from the shop as a finished product.

When Parents Text. This one sticks to the ribs more than usual for these types of sites.

MOM: you are so lkjdfnikjnnfkh when u get home!
Me: what does lkjdfnikjnnfkh mean?
Mom: idk I just have a lot of feelings

DAD: can u bring me my sandwich into my room? Dont tell anyone i asked you this.
DAD: please, dont tell any one. please dont tell. Please dont say anything.

Earthship: Haiti Disaster Relief. Making earthquake/hurricane-resistant permanent homes out of garbage. Previously: Garbage Warrior.

27bslash6: Function4Sports!

Dissertation: Milton is a shitbag.

Fauxbergé eggs [via metafilter]

Video: Mobistar prank

Photo: lazy bike makes you do all the work

Video: Larry Griswold

Video: Do you want to know more about Belgium?

Video: Vivian Meier, street photographer

Video: Il était une fois... les technologies du passé

Video: Laughter supercut.

Song: Contours: First I Look At The Purse. I heard this on the radio months ago and I swerved off the road laughing. Please dispatch a tow truck to Laughing Avenue.

Terry Wogan hosts Never Mind the Buzzcocks | part 2

Sound Matrix

Video: Skhizein by Jérémy Clapin