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RARRRRRRRR!!!! Rarr rarrrr rarrr meow rarr?
RARRRRR!!! Rarr. Rarrr rarr J-List rarrrr.

2010sep07. I visited a festival in the desert last week. Each year it has a completely superfluous theme that is sometimes used as the basis for art cars, theme camps, etc. The last time I was there, eleven years ago, the theme was “Two Guys Sitting on a Bench Eating Sandwiches” so there wasn’t much variation in artverks. This year was “Metropolis” because Burning Man is turning into its own little city with its attendant rules and regulations. Some of the changes took me by surprise; I was expecting to be surrounded by fire on the last day or two, but that whole “burn the city down” aesthetic got chucked awhile ago now that the festival has the full and continuous attention of several different levels of Interested Government Officials because they care. About the cashbox.

If you were at the festival and didn’t stop by you’re a shit, because I warned you. A. Shit.

Here are some photos, Shitty.

This is an unfinished art car. Later, a bottle of wine, some ants, and etc were attached to the top but I liked it better like this.

Some of the art cars I never saw “in action.”

A seven+ person bicycle-type vehicle. The gearing system is intense, and/or insane.

Some vehicles looked slapped together and ready to pitch the entire complement of passengers into a nearby body of water in a bold and dramatic re-telling of the 97th Indian ferry disaster. Overcrowding: your best entertainment value. Well, at least it had mindless thumping “rave” “music” blaring for all to hear. Not that I can remember, it could have been Journey or Lionel Richie, or maybe that was another party bus of partying. That’s right, people still party to Lionel Richie and Journey. It’s never going to go away as each successive generation stumbles upon the sonic equivalent of beige carpets. Beigerock.

The angle of this shot reminded me of the TV show “The Beverly Hillbillies.”

One of the best pieces out there. Mesmerizing. City street designs formed into a large metal globe. Everyone was quiet around this thing, until 17 party rave buses pulled up next to it playing the gabbercore mash-up of “Hello” and “Who’s Crying Now?”

Quite possibly the best art car out there this year. Jaunty hat. Style. Presence. Poise. Poultry.

Hypnowheel will divulge all your secrets and tell you who your perfect mate is. You could control the wheel with some knobs and such.

I ran after this car to get a shot of it; it snapped me out of my typically slow acclimatization process. Thank you, wind-up car.

The Minibago. So tiny and perfect. +10 bonus points for putting a map on the side of the vehicle.

Funny times: A friend asked someone in front of this car to move because I was trying to take a photo. It was the driver of the car.

You may have noticed another art car behind the peacock. I will talk about this and various German-themed theme themes at the festival in the near future or not at all. Stay tuned, or don’t.

2010sep17. I suppose I should say something about today, a Friday. There.