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RARRRRRRRR!!!! Rarr rarrrr rarrr meow rarr?
RARRRRR!!! Rarr. Rarrr rarr J-List rarrrr.

2010mar08. My site Phoneswarm died in 2006 for a number of reasons, one of them being that payphones that allowed incoming calls were rapidly disappearing from the landscape. I spoke with my friend who keeps Cardhouse alive about bringing Phoneswarm back, but with two additional features: 1) foreign payphones, and 2) other people. You would have had the option to get random calls, and the calls would have been routed through my own number, so no one would actually know anyone else’s number. Anonymous. I think the whole operation would have cost about twenty bucks a month. That was fun to talk about for a few months, then it died out and was filed in my super-meta-project Projects That Were Never Started/Finished which also has an entry for itself. What I should have done is shifted the medium of contact to video and called it something like "Dongroulette".

2010mar14. One thing that e-jackholes have been doing the last n years or so is making fake webpages then triggering a looksee on your domain, so the result shows up in your referer log. I guess what I’m seeing are those attempts to get trackbacks on weblogs, but since I don’t push that sort of junk, I’m the singular very special person that gets to see it. Today’s menu features lobsters. I replaced the term “lobster” with “spam.”

tinyflowers.com – http://frozen-spam-claw-recipes.wholesalespam.ca/81.html
phoneswarm.com – http://spam-back.wholesalespam.ca/98.html
macros2000.com – http://spamthermador.wholesalelivespam.com/48.html
cardhouse.com – http://wholesalers.wholesalespam.ca/2603.html
cardhouse.com – http://buying-live-seafood.wholesalespam.ca/216.html
cardhouse.com – http://blog.spampound.ca/1065.html

I don’t know, this all seems so tiring to me. Can I move into the woods somewhere? Does anyone have some woods? I could be a caretaker that slowly goes mad, talking to the trees. “Hello, trees!” Oh, how charming ... this olde caretaker is hilariously daft in the head. Have some of my lobster “thermador,” old man!

2010mar19. Friday. Get used to it, it keeps coming over and over. There’s nothing anyone can do. Don’t try to be a hero.