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RARRRRRRRR!!!! Rarr rarrrr rarrr meow rarr?
RARRRRR!!! Rarr. Rarrr rarr J-List rarrrr.

2010jun11. Mail.

I just wanted to say how much I really appreciated your “Shipping/Moving Your Stuff: A Consideration of Options That All Suck” article, since I am moving across country soon and found reassurance that throwing my stuff out will be beneficial and refreshing. Too bad I don’t have any time period furniture. How much pizza will it take you to help one move from Ohio to Colorado? Just wondering.

Let’s get the most “bang” for our “buck” and go with Little Caesar’s Pizza. Now, when I was a wee lad, I was taken to one of the first few Little Caesar’s several times. They had a Plexiglas® window through which you could see actual pizza tossers actually tossing pizza. Your table – it was a restaurant – had a real cloth tablecloth on the table. They played Laurel & Hardy movies on real goddamn movie reels because the VCR was all like gasping and shit “invent me ... INVENT me ... try porn first, that’ll hook ‘em ... “

This was the beginning of the end of chainfood that had a remote sense of dignity, right there.

Now, you go into a well-lit Little Caesar’s and one of their teenage box-folding ro-bots will magically take a pre-finished pizza out of a sterilized holding cube and that will be $5.52, please. For a large. Given that number (finally), I can see that actually assisting you in your OHCO move will cost you approximately 81.521 pizzas. But you will have to send the money to me first – then I will buy the pizzas WITH THAT MONEY, after which I will buy a plane ticket OUT OF MY OWN POCKET and come and help you. But I promise the pizzas will be purchased and they will be DELICIOUS!

Im trying to locate vendors for indian fry bread and funnal cake in the phoenix az area can you help with contact info. thanks. chris.

If anyone has this information, please contact me.

Amazon.com would like to carry all your candy products immediately. Please contact me to pursue this opportunity.

Amazon.com is confused.

thank you for this algorithm
we are an IT graduate and we have an image processing project which requires conversion from raster to vector using java.
we didn’t really understood the language of your code, so could you please write it in java and we appreciate any help.
thanks again

HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH “Thank you ... now re-do it.” Yes, your royal completely highness.

Let me take you (all of you?) to the school of “hard knocks.” Your lack of understanding? That’s your problem, not mine. Your job -- if you want to use my example – is to understand it. It’s practically written in pseudocode, if you can wheel around in Java you should be able to devote a few brain cells to figuring it out.

Also, Java is a dead donkey in a desert which is just a skeleton covered by sand. Java = donkey skeleton. Do you hear the howling, unforgiving desert wind? It makes a whistly noise. Oooh, tumbleweed.

Fix my car,

The gelatin in the ingredients, is it from a pork or beef source?


Get your spam even bei YouTube, as video answering.

Just ONE such; “I can do that my own, too.”

Don’t ask me about that kinds in this town,

it’s annoying. :’>D

God ... totally.

are you a computer answering me ?:S


2010jun17. Friday, in Dutch architecture, was traditionally the time to “roll in the harvest” of fried multi-berries. We pause and gather strength each Friday, with this knowledge or not.