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RARRRRRRRR!!!! Rarr rarrrr rarrr meow rarr?
RARRRRR!!! Rarr. Rarrr rarr J-List rarrrr.

2009nov02. You are invited to a party. It is in two hours. You do not have a costume. An hour and a half later, you finally decide to make a costume. What do you do what do you do. Then, after making your “costume,” the hours fritter by and you are never actually told where the party is. This is good, because then no one will see your stupid last-minute costume.

2009nov05. Are you ready ... for the LOG CHALLENGE (LOG CHALLENGE)? The beach at Sutro Baths used to be host to thousands of severely-dressed mens and womens who gaily frolicked betwixt the pools of the Baths and the coast of the unforgiving, relentless Pacific Ocean. Sitting within ash-falling range of the Cliff House is a large split boulder.

The crack has a secret, though, if you are inquisitive enough to look or if you can see this entry on a web browser. A small, handy log has been pushed by the relentless, unforgiving Pacific Ocean into the depths of the crack. The crack gets smaller farther inland ... the log fought back valiantly ... but eventually it was jammered right in there real good as if it belonged there like “welcome home, log” and “Oh, thank you I’ll just hang my log scarf on your boulder hook” just like that [3x Bonus: Diagram this sentence {including this aside}].

I tried to brace myself against the sea wall and kick it out with my mighty feet, but even I was no match for the jammering. ARE YOU? Can you unjam the log? TAKE THE LOG CHALLENGE! Winner will receive one (1) log.

2009nov13. Friday.

2009nov20. I miss cellphone hot dog. Does anyone have cellphone hot dog? Cellphone hot dog.

2009nov26. Friday Freeday. Early But Late Edition. Some of it I squirreled away in June as a hedge against the harsh winter. Now I have unearthed these treasured electronic acorns and we will feast in earnest. Except the ebay auction. Ebay is sitting on untold riches with their humongous archive of Photos/Text About Stuff That’s Being Sold but like most larger companies they wander around the Cash Forest blind, occasionally bumping into a dollar tree. Ebay hears the rustling! Oh, to have eyes. Well, at least the Killing Joke video is still there. Ebay I will be your eyes! Okay ... it’s like the band is playing in front of these billowing swaths of fabric, and there are occasionally fade in-out shots of stern-looking peasant folk holding various farm implements and delicious stalks of wheat ... I think it’s supposed to represent on some level the 1931 overthrow of the Spanish Republic monarchy which was replaced by the creatively-named Second Spanish Republic which was then replaced by a five-gallon tub of spackling paste. Does that help, Ebay? I don’t know why the drummer both looks and is dressed like Dexter of the TV show “Dexter” mid-serial killer elimination, Ebay. I just don’t know.