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RARRRRRRRR!!!! Rarr rarrrr rarrr meow rarr?
RARRRRR!!! Rarr. Rarrr rarr J-List rarrrr.

2009jul28. With recorded music in its infancy, German confectionery conglomerate Stollwerk AG tapped into the freakish synergy of synethesiasts to ask an unasked question: what if you could taste music (“What if you could taste music?”)? Then they answered it with the 1903 debut of the foil-covered chocolate record. A record ... made out of chocolate. That you can eat. Or listen to. Or listen to, and then eat. But not the other way around. Unless you have two records, then you could do both things at the same time. Not much is known about this early audible confectionery product, unless more is known. People sat around for awhile eating/listening to records but then they had to go fight wars and this scrumptious technology was quickly forgotten. Decades later, a Berlin resident named Peter Lardong re-created the chocolate record after finding an early-20th century children’s chocolate record at a flea market (it was delicious). He is the subject of this German television video segment entitled Chocolate Record Schallplatten aus Schokolade. He patented the process in 1987 (if you can access the actual German patent [#G8704611.3], please drop me a line). I figured little chocolate curlicues would be flying off the needle, but I was mistaken. Ronald Landuyt, a Belgian chocolate maker, also makes chocolate records but I couldn’t get the video to work. Second Hand Songs indicates that Ronald has a shop in Knokke, Belgium. Finally, here is a three-part series on chocolate records along with a bonus single: part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | single

The Routledge guide to music technology – Thom Holmes; pg 292
Encyclopedia of recorded sound – Frank W. Hoffmann, Howard Ferstler; pg 298
Intertwining – John K. Grande; pg 163

2009jul30. Mail.

I took a quick look and found the application, DE202008003639U1. The pdf is kinda boring, no pics of the chocolate record, all in german, and only two pages. I’d send it to you, but this fucking email web form is ... well ... a fucking email web form. Try this link.

Thank you! I wasn’t able to view it online, I ended up clicking “save full document” and then allowing cookies so I could escape infinite captcha city.

2009jul31. BIN LADEN DETERMINED TO “HANG TIGHT” WITH AMERICA. Greg Palast already covered some of this. But you know, let’s keep acting like this was yet another anomaly and that all the good the government does is worth occasional silly things like this. “HA HA WE SUB-CONTRACTED TERRAMISM” “Okay! Now let’s see justice!” “HA HA OUR HANDS ARE BLOODIED/TIED HA MAYBE 50 YEARS FROM NOW WE’LL MAKE A HALF-FACTUAL PLAQUE OR SOME SHIT”