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RARRRRRRRR!!!! Rarr rarrrr rarrr meow rarr?
RARRRRR!!! Rarr. Rarrr rarr J-List rarrrr.

2009jan01. Deuce of Clubs: Happy New Year.

2009jan07. If you are in the sf bay area and can spare roughly two hours, you should visit the The Jejune Institute. Here is the text of a recent craigslist ad:

To those dark horses with the spirit to look up and see ... a recondite family awaits.

At The Jejune Institute.
580 California Street #1607
San Francisco, CA 94104


You too can enjoy the splendor of a life enhanced by the Jejune Method. A free introductory workshop awaits you at the nearest Institute Induction Center. Just drop-in during normal business hours, as well as Saturdays between noon and five o’clock. Simply approach the reception desk and tell them you are here for your free introduction to the Jejune Method. You will then be handed a key to the future.

Once you have completed this brief induction process you will begin to notice an enhancement of your natural abilities. Your intuition will increase. You will begin to notice the divine occurring around you, in a thousand minuscule ways, constantly. All the time. And those minute details will lead to other more significant observations, and so on. Ad infinitum. Until your entire universe is transformed forever.

Your free initiation session awaits.

There is a similar invitation in video form. I recently attended the induction center with a friend of mine. I am highly recommending this experience. You should bring at least $1.25 [you will need to purchase an unspecified Thing at some point], some paper/pen/pencily-type items, and a cellphone or a bunch of quarters for payphone action. Are there any payphones left? Here’s my patented stripollage™ of the event.

What you get out of the experience depends on what you put into it. My advice to you would be not to read anything more about it ... just go, and see what happens. I’d like to say more about it, but then it gets into this weird meta-meta territory and no one needs that right now. A note: my suggestion would be to get there before 3pm. Good luck to you, and let me know how it goes.

2009jan16. Defiling the Eucharist on the rise! I may have mentioned this before, stop me if you’ve heard it ... I was in a wedding party eons ago and the gal I walked down the aisle with actually palmed the Eucharist, pulling it out later from her sleeve while we were all kneeling on those kneeling things, whatever they’re called (The Eurkneelers). it made her approximately 20% hotter, actually. I don’t know that that’s actual defilement, unless she took it home and shot a hole in it or the like. Then she’d have to request an audience with the Pope to ask for absolution and zzzzz etc etc. Religion, so fascinating.

2009jan17. Matt Taibbi on Thomas Friedman: A B-3X = Swedish girls like chocolate.

2009jan28. Adam McEwen’s Untitled (Dead).