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RARRRRRRRR!!!! Rarr rarrrr rarrr meow rarr?
RARRRRR!!! Rarr. Rarrr rarr J-List rarrrr.

2009dec02. A brief programming interruption here – QI, the BBC comedy panel game television program hosted by Stephen Fry, has started on series “G.” Thursday’s episode features a certain “John Hodgman” person whom you may know as the living embodiment of the hated Microsoft-controlled computer machine in a seemingly-endless series of television advertisements in addition to his books and/or appearances on the The Daily Show. You can find every single episode on the internet if you are a crafty person. I have included clues below to some of the more recent ones.


2009dec15. Girls Who Love Boys Who Love Boys: Inside the Midwest’s first celebration of all things yaoi — where the screaming never stops. Girls who love boys who love boys who are countries dress up as boys/countries for panels.

A panel for Hetalia: Axis Powers is almost entirely occupied by girls in quasi-military uniforms. Hetalia tells the story of twentieth-century world politics with each country represented by a pretty boy. The panelists make a few half-hearted attempts to introduce themselves to the uninitiated (“I’m America, and I’m Russia’s bitch because we’re in debt”), but they can’t resist acting out their roles. Spain and China show up late and get glomped by Italy and Japan. Italy cuddles on Germany’s lap. France gets down on bended knee and proposes marriage to England. Slowly, the non-Hetalia fans file out of the room.

Spain and China? They were glomped.

2009dec21. There is a Charlotte Gainsbourg video that features Beck. It is here. It is directed by Keith Schofield. On November 19th, the photographer William Hundley pointed out that an image used in the video – a skateboard perched on top of four delicious hamburgers – was incredibly similar to his own hamburger-lofted skateboard photograph. A flickr fracas ensued, and eventually the director contacted Hundley and put his name in the credits for the video.

The video also contains a few seconds of a scene with an astronaut whose head is entirely comprised of delicious pancakes.

This image is incredibly similar to an image that appears on the website Petsinuniform.com as a tribute to National Pancake Day in 2006:

The owner of Petsinuniform.com is a friend of mine. I don’t know if he has any demands for the director, but what I do know is this: I was able to just ask him if I could use the photo on my own website (Cardhouse.com), and he said “yes.” Asking: an innovative system for showcasing the work of others without generating ill will.

Note: Petsinuniform.com is a wonderful way to salute the quiet dignity of our domesticated companions by dressing them in clothes that require saluting. Try Petsinuniform ... today.

2009dec25. Friday. It is another ordinary day, unless we spice it up with rum. Or naked people. There are choices in life.