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RARRRRRRRR!!!! Rarr rarrrr rarrr meow rarr?
RARRRRR!!! Rarr. Rarrr rarr J-List rarrrr.

2008may01. Reason Magazine: Power From the People. Long article on Jim Mason, the shipyard, and his trials and tribulations fighting city hall. As long as America continues to have an overly-restrictive profit-driven nanny-state permit structure, smarter/greener/more creative ways of dealing with day-to-day living are going to get caught in the net. They’re trying to stop the future. They’re always the last ones to get it. We’re running out of time. [via doc]

Still, Mason feels crushed by the conflict – and radicalized. While others on his team are more optimistic that it will all work out, he thinks experimental living in a highly regulated context might ultimately be hopeless. Never any kind of libertarian, he was shocked to discover that giving someone the right to shut down a physical site is no less a significant power than giving someone the power to arrest me. The lives of 30 people have been stopped, and there is no immediate review of that decision.

I live life in economies based on what is interesting, he adds. I’ve found no matter what the rules or processes, in the end the thing that’s interesting somehow gets chosen. But getting beat down, I realized that is completely irrelevant. They will not listen or make consideration for interest in anything. They only care, what does the letter of the code say, and does that completely encapsulate the conditions they determine are sitting in front of them? It’s an impossible set-up in which to engage the messy flux of the world.

2008may05. The Gospel of Consumption.

2008may09. Friday.

Darwin’s crazy moth w/12-inch tongue theory on the money.
Schlieren photography
Zowie! Coney Island caviar! [5min] [via doc]
Book of Spam advertisement featuring toast animation.
The reviewer finds the new Pixar movie unbelievable.
I already told you about this, but you didn’t believe me: synchronizing metronomes.
The Phone: a freeform get-to-the-next-screen “experience.”
Vectorpark: Spider.
Green Porno: Isabella Rossellini. Bugs. Sex. Safe for work, as long as your boss is cool with seeing Isabella Rossellini humping a giant fly, for example. If your boss is not: get a new boss or be your own! Now who’s the bug porn-watching taskmaster?
Smithsonian: Hyenas! (hyenas.)
Mango crash. Awwww yeah ... you CRASH that mango. You know what makes me hot? It’s not a woman smashing things underneath her boot, it’s not seeing a video of a woman crushing objects beneath impractical footwear, it’s that this is something that makes specific people hot. That’s a turn-on, right there. My fetish: empathy. And world peace. Also: mangoes being smooshed. HOTT

2008may11. Bush is going to run again because he wasn’t actually elected in 2004.

2008may11. US says cocaine routes shifting from US to Europe ... the US knows a lot about cocaine routes. Don’t do hard drugs kids, you’re just putting more money in Unca Sam’s greedy little pocket. The more you know!

2008may11. Cops are here to protect you. A disheartening round-up of inhumane fuck-ups.

2008may12. Government: They’ll break your legs and expect a thank you for the crutches. Or they’ll put you on the rack and then take a freakish photo of you celebrating your extra length. Hooray I’m longer!

2008may12. I was idly wondering when ram air turbines started appearing on planes, but the wikipedia entry doesn’t help any. The oldest relevant patent I can find was granted the day of the stock market crash, and indicates that the patent was an improvement on the invention. Any mention of RATs of course requires a pointer to the Gimli Glider story, which is Essential Internet Reading. It reads like a movie. Of course they’re going to land on Family Day. Directly on.

2008may13. U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration: Some Road Songs. Government: doing what it does, so well. Buy the seven CD set.

2008may15. It is definitely fascism when it happens to you. Feelin’ Safer Already, Part Nine Billion Something.

2008may17. A review of the The Revolution: A Manifesto.

2008may17. I got Miscellaneous Needs, man

2008may18. Seize the Daylight. The American Luxfer Prism Company and the revival of “daylighting,” using glass prisms to reduce dependency on electrical lighting.

2008may18. Awwwwwww ... I should have known the story of the contractor who read the plans a little too closely was half too good to be true. Here’s what is most likely an untouched photo.

2008may19. XKCD: Fortune Cookie update.

2008may19. Radar: The Last Round-Up. Longish article on Main Core, “rapid development of new programs,” American concentration camps, etc. So you’re in KBR Motel and you suddenly realize: “Hey, my tax dollars paid for this place! Kicky.” It’s going to be an exciting time for sure. Do ya do the false flag, then the dollar collapses, or vice-versa, or is the collapse by itself coming soon enough? Decisions, decisions. Macro: I’m sure Obama will fix all of this.

2008may20. How Many Fifth Graders Can You Take On: An Empirical Study. See original forum post (five-year-olds) which also begat this.

2008may20. Yes my friends, yes. The Mojave Phone Booth is now on Twitter: MojaveFoneBooth. My theory is that the more people pile on, the faster the book gets done. It’s like a book pressure flash mob. Join already. Or “follow,” whatever it is. And etc.

2008may20. Errol Morris/NYT: The Most Curious Thing. An analysis of a smile in exactly the wrong place.

2008may21. Awesome: Geohashing.

2008may23. As some Greek cat once said, the unexamined life is not worth living. So I’ve been looking at myself for ten minutes here and I’ve come the conclusion that fleshtone is one of the most unappealing color shades there is. Hand me a Pantone fan and ask me to pick a color or two to paint a room, my car, or a hopechest – flesh is going to be one of my last choices ever. There should be easy ways to change our skin color, add racing stripes, etc. I’m going to get some colloidal silver and make a difference.

2008may30. Frida.

Japanese capsule vending machines. I bought a capsule in a sleepy mid-Japan town while I was sweating bricks at a Japanese grocery store – I had forgotten the combination to a borrowed bike lock guarding my borrowed bike. It was a giant bug but it was not in a can. The capsule, not the bike, though that was also not in a can. So I sat around for ten minutes making semi-educated guesses until I remembered it. And that’s ... [claps hands] my Japanese capsule story!
Super creepyawesome Hello Kitty Sewing Machine.
Occasionally someone posts a photo to my sup-r-rad Flickr Fake Products: Mutant Knock-Offs Pool Thing that really goes for the gusto. “I don’t know his name, but his face rings twenty bells, at least.” Also enjoyable: lovely rat.
Flash of insight. The out-of-place board confuses the man for a second.
The NYT covers miracle fruit. Good, now the price will come down. Included in the article a pointer to the recently published book Fruit Hunters: A Story of Nature, Adventure, Commerce, and Obsession which has to be awesome. How can you screw something like that up? It’s like pancakes. I guess you could burn pancakes, but what’s more important than watching pancakes being created? Sex. If you have a randy line cook, you might want to skip the stack. A comment in this rundown of a miracle fruit tasting party indicates that miracle fruit plants have been found in the Houston area for $35 last year.
Decay. Something here for everyone. Series of photographs by the photographer who shot Dice: Deception, Fate, and Rotten Luck.
P-14 unleashed.
Molecular visualizations of DNA. Want more. Mysterious non-narrated section near end. Fill in the gaps yourself! “Here we see blobs totally going into some blobular matrix and being de-blobified.”
Robyn – Be Mine (Ocelot Remix). So worth it. Had no idea we were so flexible, must find ways to exploit this new knowledge. They totally slo-pitched bubble gum gal.
Skydiving into football stadium. I don’t care about the bee, it’s just amazing how fast this happens.
TED: Paul Staments: Six ways mushrooms can save the world.
Le saberage: opening a bottle of champagne with a sword. Probably just a quick review for most of you.
Hide ‘n’ seek w/polar bear. I would hide somewhere warm but not a zoo. I have a minor in Polar Bear Hiding so I know what I’m talking about. It is: hiding from a polar bear.
A meditation on consumerism.
Adam Curtis (BBC): The Trap [ 1 2 3 ].
It’s also been far too long since we’ve checked in with Heath Bunting

2008may30. Clublife: Stop. The man is pushed too far. I have this problem with oncoming traffic making a left turn in front of me while I’m putting along. In the past, I would reflexively slow down to give the driver ample room to complete the turn. Now, I reflexively check the rearview mirror. If there’s no one behind me, this indicates to me that the driver is an can’t-wait-five-seconds-asshole, and I can proceed at speed to find out if he or she has successfully threaded the needle. I am starting to understand some of the fringe benefits of being older.

2008may30. What I like about Unbeatable Banzuke is the humility. In American reality shows, there’s always a winner, and we have to sit and listen to immature idiots trash-talk and pre-preen. With Unbeatable Banzuke, pretty much everyone wipes out on various obstacle courses (stilts, skateboard, pushing your spouse around in a cat-shaped wheelbarrow, etc), and if someone does succeed, they re-jigger the course so invariably even the previous winner (and in the case of stilts, a Guinness world record holder) can’t complete it. Plus, strutting is almost non-existent. One more nice thing: the age range. So far I’ve seen people from 14 years of age to 68, and I’m sure it expands out farther than that. The shitty thing: apparently Very Smart Marketers have determined that the Unbeatable Banzuke demographic consists of drooling tools who are easy pushovers for stupid “work at home"-type sca – oh, hold on, a talking fox is telling me how to flip houses in my spare time.

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