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RARRRRR!!! Rarr. Rarrr rarr J-List rarrrr.

2008jun01. Eat the Rich, Phase IV: The Rich Get Imperceptibly Closer To Us And They Don’t Wike It. I can almost taste those succulent meaty thighs right now.

2008jun03. The Nearly Unfathomable Depths Of Pentagon Corruption. Long article. Plenty of butter when the idiots go to war. Print more money.

The item was a small appliance, a toaster. It should have cost under $20 dollars on the open market, but Halliburton had charged almost $2,000 for each one. And it was a big number of them in the order so Halliburton had netted about $1.2 million from picking them up cheap at a discount appliance warehouse. They had not even made the item. It was worse than that. They had ‘fenced’ the items--they were stolen. They had no bill of sale for them and did not even order the parts they went into the manufacturing of them. They had raided the discount appliance warehouse pretending that they were FBI officials and the toasters had to be picked up because “they caused house fires".

Just like Halliburton over billed, some Halliburton employees were collecting three US govt. salaries; one from the Pentagon, one from the FBI, and one from the CIA.

2008jun10. The 35 articles of impeachment introduced by Dennis Kucinich yesterday. Not covered by NYT FOX CBS ABC CBS CNN etc mmm big MSM luv you bet

2008jun12. I was going to Ocean Beach today but five girlteens blocked the way. They were on the steps that descended into sand. The beach. They had all stopped there for some reason. I was behind them, waiting. Some of the girlteens were wearing backward baseball caps. One girlteen spoke for the rest: “I ain’t steppin’ in that shit!” And this was the problem. The problem was the sand. They had to step in that shit to get to their friends, who were on the beach, smoking marijuana. Would they? Would they step in the shit? After several seconds of quiet consideration, the quandary was resolved. They stepped in the shit. They were able to join their friends smoking marijuana.

2008jun14. Democracy Now: Citing Iraq War, Renowned Attorney Vincent Bugliosi Seeks The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder.

I may be sounding presumptuous to you right now, Amy and Juan, but I’m telling you this: I am going after George Bush. I may not succeed, but I’m not going to be satisfied until I see him in an American courtroom being prosecuted for first-degree murder.

2008jun15. Greening the desert, a short video. This additional interview with Geoff Lawton explains what happens when the government (Iraqi, in this case) disappears: nothing.

” ... There was no government, there was no customs and there was no department of any government left in place whatsoever. There was no law, really. [ ... ] everything was functioning fine. There was fresh food everywhere, there was plenty of food. Most services were working. Water and electricity and telephones went off at times, but most of the time were up and running.”

2008jun16. EU considers second vote on new sports arena

2008jun20. Frida.

Clive Owen for Lancome Maniacal Photoshopping Anti-Aging Extract Bullshit Creme.

The Curious Case Of The Microfiber Cleaning Textile That Was Environmentally Safe And Stuff But Mysteriously Ignored By The Public In Favor Of Noxious Harmful Chemicals Ick
TED: Phillipe Starck. I _love this guy. I would take a bullet for him, if it wanted to go to the zoo or ride around in go-karts.
Jellyfish bad day.
Vending Machine of Action.
Snoring duck.
Fiber: It’s Not A Joke The Way It Works.
Arrows that unfurl into extra-large delicious pizzas on contact; cluster bombs that sound off the musical number “Hello, Dolly” when dropped in sequence
TED: Sculptor Arthur Ganson.
Thin owl from Japan also does puffy thickness.
Arrrrrr Matey, let’s sail the seven seas of Hexachlorophene! “Nevertheless, hexachlorophene soap is not available over the counter today, because once a product has been withdrawn by the FDA it is virtually impossible for it to be reinstated, even after invalidation of the reasons for its removal.” Every day I find a reason to luv my guvmint, even when I’m not looking. “SOAKS CHILDREN CLEAN AUTOMATICALLY”
Junkfood Science: The Big One. Eat delicious banana cream pies every seventeen minutes. Break for a sensible lunch. Then, coco-nut cream pies at roughly the same pace.

2008jun23. George Carlin RIP. Who really controls America [5min]. Life is Worth Losing [74min]. More videos. [wiki]

2008jun23. That first video link is dead, try this: George Carlin Who really controls America? [3min].

2008jun23. Mission Pie. Noted for the phrase “With pie as our ally ... “

2008jun24. Deuce of Clubs: Riding the public.

2008jun26. Shredding the Constitution: cheap date. Nancy got $24500. We couldn’t come up with $25000+ for Nancy and the rest of the whores? Where did the telecoms get the money to pay off the dems? They probably just took it out of the $200 BILLION they stole from us. We paid them to pay off the dems to finish shredding that dumb ole’ piece of paper. Statement from Ron Paul. Ex post facto, ex post facto ex fucking post fucking facto.

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