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RARRRRRRRR!!!! Rarr rarrrr rarrr meow rarr?
RARRRRR!!! Rarr. Rarrr rarr J-List rarrrr.

2007oct19. Mail.

Dear sir: Having obtained your address web site from internet .We are writing you in the hope of establishing business relations with you . We are an international purchase center in Guilin of China . Now we are interested in your products, are you an agent or the manufacturer? May I have your catalogues and quotations? If you your prices are in line , we trust important business can materialize .We are looking forward to receiving your early reply . Yours sincerely
Here is our info:
[Address, phone, website, etc.]

Okay, here’s the thing. I don’t have any products. I’m all out of products. I never had any. No products. What I want, however, is for manufacturers to contact me, offering products. I like products. That’s probably where the confusion lies – by featuring products on my business website cardhouse.com, it would be natural for one to assume that I sell products. This is wrong. But I want products. I want free samples of Pakistani barber scissors, strange hats, and horsie nasal patches. Please tell all of the other companies this. I am like your competition! Yes, tell them all that I am also a “purchase center,” as you say. We can crank call each other when things are slow. Lemme know if you’re okay with that.

Thank you,

Simon Templar Banana Crisp Jr.
Cardhouse Purchase Center of Purchasing
Bay Area Ltd., California7
USA 90210 By Wireless

“Take it from me or I’ll kick you in the junk!” – Dr. Sebastian Meyercord, world-famous horsetologist, horse

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