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RARRRRRRRR!!!! Rarr rarrrr rarrr meow rarr?
RARRRRR!!! Rarr. Rarrr rarr J-List rarrrr.

2007jul01. Barack Obama.

“I think you reserve impeachment for grave, grave breaches, and intentional breeches of the president’s authority”

Well, maybe one will come up. Also, here are some articles detailing Mitt Romney mit der dog torture und child torture. He is a busy man.

2007jul01. Corn. Eat it. EAT IT

2007jul02. xkcd: Extend extend extend.

2007jul02. Achewood: Lyle’s baseball card.

2007jul05. Mail from someone from American Apparel.

Hi there I just need to get some info on your trader joe’s bottle water, How is it purified?

X, thanks for writing. Our natural spring water is purified by a small, insular platform group of sultry barely-legal teens, constantly writhing in a continuous stream of our water while occasionally posing in sexually provocative positions. These sessions are then photographically documented and turned into print advertisements. We find we sell a LOT more water this way, and the water just seems to taste better as well.

Trade ‘R’ Jeff
Customer Service

No reply.

2007jul05. A conversation.

“I am not sending anything to-day, I just want to get prices. How much does it cost to send this to Berlin?”
[FX: stares at computer for 13.721 years]
Computer: POLAND
“Does that thing have cities, or just countries? [FX: neck crane] Ah. Countries. Germany.”


2007jul12. Years ago, I had a foot injury which required me to wear slippers for a short while. Then, after the injury had healed, I kept wearing slippers. Outdoors, driving, wherever. My friends thought I was nuts. I did as well (“I are nuts”). I didn’t really understand it. “They’re comfortable,” I said (“They’re comfortable”). Which was sort of what was going on – but the main thing was that I was unconsciously fox walking and really didn’t know how to describe it. A friend of mine had some trouble with blown arches after fox walking for awhile, so if you’re going to try this, you read it somewhere else, like on CNN. I think Wolf Blitzer was talking about it, is what you remember. Eventually I got rid of my slippers after almost breaking my neck on the stairs that used to go down to the Musee Mecanique. One day I’ll get some moccasins and see if I can BLOW SOME ARCHES YEEEHAWWWWW FUGGIN’ BLITZER!!!!!1111!!!!1


2007jul12. Found I important entry in an generated automatically is weblog.

Star pop from Canada, avril lavigne, middle face song plagiarizing exercise demand. She is chargeable has changed version from the original song, without lisense the creator. A band group Rubinoos, declare that single avril have a title girlfriend their song imitation of at year 1979, i am wanna be your is boyfriend.

Temporary, avril spokesman, Terry McBride, dispute sloping news. “This a song not ever he hears previous. Ever, the song not so popular and created before he borns,” explicitly McBride in interview with CanWest News Service.

“news really not has strong proof,” he said.

Soon after that accusation is throwed to public, McBride admit to charter music expert, to compare second song. and the result, the expert say that is that song second genuinely far differ.

Song Rubinoos have a title I WANNA BE YOUR BOYFRIEND that has chorus: “hey hey you you, I wanna be your is boyfriend, temporary avril sond liric sound: “Hey hey you you, I want to be your girlfriend.

Although fourth he said similar, but McBride state that word “hey you” have been used in many songs and he even accuse to return that Rubinoos can imitate property song rolling stones, has liric: “Hey! You! Get off of my cloud.”

Up to now, McBride, which is CEO from Nettwerk Music Group, say that he still not has plan to demand to return, because he is very sure that that accusation is absolutely not has proof.

Temporary, Rubinoos self up to now still not yet can be met to confirmation.

Controversy strange reminds of Ramones “I Wanna Be Your Is Boyfriend” only one “hey” liric throw unshouted.

2007jul13. The Friday. The Freeday.

Pix: Traffic light.
Isle of Flowers (10min). Brazil 1989. [wiki]
The gumdrop is angry: Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie “intermission"-type introduction.
Old Daily Show (Colbert): Faith-based Gravy Train.
Tunnels no Minasan no Okage Deshita: Human Tetris. A new episode.
Cat Scratch Fever. This dude was at the Sound Factory, right, and all the trannies were like “WOOOOO” and the beat just dropped. It was in you.
Finding your place.
Pix: Grandma is not a meal. Grandma also comes in a handy “to-go” six pack.

2007jul15. Families Separated by the State.

2007jul21. Spam. From 2000 (the future).

The Webcam phenomenon.

In AN exponential growth since the launching of the general public Internet, the Webcam phenomenon is only beginning.

Go around the the world from its armchair, control circulation, the weather, the state of the beaches, to meet and discuss with unknown ones at the end of the world it was already yesterday.

Today the webcams make home shopping possible as well as following the News, watching the international events on line. Last word, to take the remote control of the webcams, to increase, move the image, to build the program with its own way ...

But in the jungle of the webcams (how much are they, 10.000, 50.000 ?) it’s necessary to have a guide. For more than one year Spycamera.com presents its choice of the best webcams on the Net.

Before including an address, one needs first : to find (!), to check the quality and the originality of the contents (perhaps it’s not necessary to have 12 webcams which films the basket of the cat), to check the “ refreshing “ of the webcam (a “ live “ image which did not change into two years it is equivocal), finally to choose a relevant image (it’s more cool to choose with an example) and a small comment (funny if possible).

Today Spycamera.com, the gate of Webcams “ of quality “ invites you to come to discover his new formula:
- a new presentation of its headings simpler and clearer.
- a new sections for the amateurs of sports and nature or webcams robotized.
- traditional or funny animations for watching today the tomorow’s webcams

And, off course, you find our “ basics ,” search engine (to find quickly webcams of a city or a country), our Girlcams selection (Girlcam with “ attitude “), and our presentation of the best Webcams of the moment.

If you like Webcams, you will like [lapsed domain].

The Webmaster.

2007jul21. Old Sean Tejaratchi article on PingMag. Gotta keep up with the PingMag. Work the glutes.

2007jul22. Spamderworld: one comment spam message with line breaks added and/or lines duplicated to emulate Underworld compositions.

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do not call toyota tacoma
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cherry pie cherry pie

2007jul22. Mail.

i luv u

I love you too. You know that. You can feel it, right? The love? That’s mine. I mean, I’m giving it to you. Or really, we’re sharing it. It’s our companion, we don’t own it, I guess. Something. Look ... this really isn’t working out, okay? No, it’s not you, it’s me. I’ll get my records this weekend.

2007jul22. PBS: Interview with Mark Klein. Klein was the first one to call attention to the loathsome AT&T/NSA internet spy rooms.

2007jul23. I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to explain to my pretend children that I lived through an era that was apeshit for jizzing gum. I ponder this, from time to time. “How to explain ... the spurting?” Lord, help me through my conundrum.

2007jul25. The most hilarious thing about wading through all the photos on Office Snapshots is seeing that practically every “Web 2.0” company represented there is devoted to the cubicle model. Some even have shortened cubicle walls. Um. Here’s the thing. Programmers? Yeah. Privacy. When I’m grinding code, I want to sit inside an enclosed room, with no distractions (FX: puts off job search for another twelve years). You know what? That’s not just programmers. At my company, everyone gets an office! YAYYYYYY!!!!!

"Yeah, they said if I just ‘go with the flow,’ I might shave two or three years off ... oh! I forgot to mention, the guy in the laundry room is teaching me how to make shivs!”

2007jul25. Comics: 200 Bad Comics. [via titivil]

2007jul25. Book: 52 McGs.: The Best Obituaries from Legendary New York Times Writer Robert McG. Thomas Jr..

Book: Animals in Translation Book: Pranks! Book: Adrift - 76 Days Lost At Sea Book: Secret Language of Sleep Book: Consider the Lobster