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2007jan01. An ebay auction I had a mild interest in ended today. At 7:00am. That’s a crazy dose of some drunk-bidding reverse psychology, there.

2007jan08. Theoretically I can still send stuff to my “weblog” from “here.” Here’s something: Doc talks about the Mojave Phone Booth.

2007jan14. Mail.


do you know anything about lucky stikes being discontinued? is it the distrubitors or the company? ive heard somthign about katrina wiping out the lucky stike tobacco crops? any truth to that? all i know is that around november all the stores where i live stopped recieving Lucky Strikes. i think some still recive unfiltered. ive also heard that they are more popular is europe and are now only been sold there.

any info is appreciated. lucky strikes are an american origional, the GI’s were smokin them, Sonny Croket (Don Johnson from Miami Vice) smoked them. even this "tiny flowers" avertisement (http://tinyflowers.com/) is blatently copying the lucky strike logo. lucky strike has been imbued into the american psyche whether they know it or not. hit me back dawg!

Yes, I’ve seen that Tiny Flowers thing, I think it’s disgusting the way they’ve appropriated the regal and sublime Lucky Strikes logo. Even though I bet that wasn’t even their intent, nor even conscious of the similarity, though the Lucky Strikes logo is ubiquitous and regal. I also bet that the person who designed it really hates that shade of red because it never looks right on a computer monitor, and hates computer graphics anyway, but keeps trundling on in the misguided hope that he’ll be alive to see worldwide deployment of that “e-ink” technology that scientists make squeaking noises about every three years. Then he’ll probably be okay with it. I bet he’s fully immersed in some cockamamie computer graphics-type project for like, 14 hours a day, these days, when he’s not feeding the one-winged turkey vulture, among many other animals. I’d put even money on that. He raises his wing if you get your hand near him, creating a sort of cowl-effect so you can’t see the awesome dead food he’s totally eating and you’re not. “Dude. I wanted that chicken. I know I just gave it to you ... but I’ve changed my mind. GIVE ME THE CHICKEN”

2007jan20. Spam.

Wooten O. Natalie – Chinese missile shot down USA satellite
Jessy K. Meade – Russian missle shot down USA satellite
Emmie – Chinese missile shot down Russian satellite

Man, things are tough all over. Be careful out there.

2007jan22. The pets I’m taking care of now thankfully don’t include the three rattlesnakes, which occasionally move around about two feet away from this computer, in a glass aquarium thing. Sometimes there’s a little half-rattle from one of them. Evolution is so incredibly strange. “You know what this dude needs? A PARTY FAVOR!!!!” Then Evolution trashes your living room and accidentally steps on that model of the new housing development you had ready to go for Monday’s big meeting with regional. Evolution can be a dick sometime.

One of them is curling around my wrist, so cute! Gotta go.

2007jan28. Mail. I missed answering all of these because I was taking care of pets and pets come first. I AM SORRY I DID NOT REPLY BECAUSE THESE EMAILS ARE ALL SO GOOD

I would like to enquire about the sangokushi taisen arcade machine. ASAP

Hi, I from GuangZhou Of China I real like u toy and I want to buy. How can I do? Thank so much! I hope you replay as soon as possibility!

I would like to buy a can of dance wax

how much the domokun larg


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my cousin is at the center on willton mamo i want to call make a appoitment to come and see him i forget the center number.

See, what’s so awesomely cool about this website is that even though it’s in a completely different medium I still get wrong number calls from potatoes. See that last email? Someone typed that shit in and thought they’d get an answer. GIGO, you stupid rat, please stop breeding thank you signed The Ever Shrinking Non-Frontal Lobotomy Demographic.

I’m really nice in person though. Unless you’re the lead programmer responsible for those “self check-out” things in supermarkets. Then I get one (1) free garroting, is the way I understand it. We’ll quibble over semantics later, let’s just jet on over to the garrote thing. Now.

Note: If you were in an Oakland Albertson’s on January 25th I’d like to apologize for the long string of profanity and the thing with putting my fist through the screen. It’s not really like me, ask around.

I thought the rough edges were going to smooth out as I got older, and then when I was eighty, I’d be a happy well-rounded circle-type person. But now I can see I’m turning into something small and jabby, like a toothpick. I don’t mean physically small. I’ve got three or four inches on you. You want me to poke your eye out, then, yeah? 2007: GLOVES ARE OFF

2007jan28. Flickr: Some candy cigarettes. Finally getting around to shooting ‘em all. The journey of a thousand miles begins with cats trying to destroy your flakey little lightbox and SITTING ON THE BACKGROUND STRIP WITH THEIR DIRTY DIRTY PAWS OH CATS!!!!!

2007jan28. Stereolabrat: Hardcore Award.

Book: Animals in Translation Book: Pranks! Book: Adrift - 76 Days Lost At Sea Book: Secret Language of Sleep Book: Consider the Lobster