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2006jan17. New payphone is up at phoneswarm. In Hawaii. On the beach.

2006jan18. The odor of cake is inside my nose. It is bedeviling.

2006jan18. There was this show on MTV back in 1997 called “Austin Stories.” On the show, the character played by Howard Kremer (“Howard Kremer”) was sort of a low-rent scammer – in one episode, he fished six-month old Christmas candy out of a dumpster to re-sell (“it’s six months early for this Christmas”). It just makes boatloads of sense that the person selling Austin Stories DVDs on Ebay turns out to be Howard Kremer (“Howard Kremer”).

2006jan18. Mail.

I’m applying for a Golden Emblem Exchange Program. And the application wants to know what state we want to go to and why we want to go to that state. could you give me good information about Tennessee of why you or somebody would want to go to Tennessee. Thanks


Tennessee is the Garlic State. It is filled with garlic. I like garlic. Therefore, I would visit Tennessee.

2006jan19. I fixed that Austin Stories DVD link so it will always serve up the current auction. Some reviews.

2006jan20. Flickr: No swimming in Vatican City.

2006jan21. Back in the day, I used to purchase the occasional sourdough baguette and just Mao through it, one-half of it per day. When I made my triumphant return to California earlier last year, I was automatically re-assigned a governmental personal trainer, who scolded me about my diet. So no more bread. Until today. And I’m eating the bread, and eating it, and then I got that signal from my stomach that says “hey. Enough with the bread, stupid.” That’s when I turn my trucker hat to the side and shift into fifth gear. The fifth gear of eating.

2006jan23. Steve is comin’ up on Indianapolis.

2006jan24. Interview: Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World with Albert Brooks.

2006jan25. 101 Dumbest Moments in Business.

46. No, no. I said, “May I see my ID?”
New Jersey payroll services provider Automatic Data Processing sends postcards to more than 1,000 employees of Adecco Employment Services, a global human resources firm, printed with the employees’ Social Security numbers and instructions for accessing their benefits information online.

Yeah. Here’s the thing. I never need to see my full social security number ever again. They’ve burned it into my brain, starting with college when it was used as a student ID. I don’t need to see it on financial forms, tax forms, medical forms, any sort of forms that are sent through the mail. I don’t need to see it online, either. But companies and organizations still love sending your SSN through the mail, clear, with your address and full name. Identity theft is growing, and it’s mainly through paper – sifting through trash, stealing your mail, etc.

2006jan27. Push the Blue Button. [via doc]

2006jan28. The Peekaboo Paradox. Essential reading, an excellent character study. Also see this chat with the author which answers a lot of questions that go through your head after you’re finished reading. And here’s The Great Zucchini himself. [via metafilter]

2006jan31. Photo: Dog ‘n’ brick. Can’t remember who pointed at this. Perhaps someone will add an easy “traceback” find-the-original-tab-your-new-tab-came-from feature to Firefox someday. Someone probably already has.