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2006dec01. Friday Freeday.

Free Hugs.
Jon Stewart: 2004 CSPAN interviewt [1 hr].
World Record Domino Thing. Stay with it until the end, even though the whole thing has this annoying “music” theme, just to see the reactions of the builders. We are going ape-shit for dominoes. Also the outfits.
David Caruso emotes. I’m on the edge of my seat, then I fall off from laughing so hard. It’s another Julie Chen-like montage. These things will need a short and snappy name. It is both a collage and a montage. Thus: mollage. Or coltage. I would like to see a large chunk of people imitating this crap segue. A mollage tribute mollage. Also, I know David Spade is irritating, but watch his related segment.
The rabbit opens letters. Truly a dream machine. Now how much would you pay. But wait, there’s more. You’ll get this darling hairball-creating cat absolutely free. Turn your friends green with envy. They laughed when I sat down to clean up the hairball. But when I started to clean! --
David Cross does Bruce Vilanch.
Woody Allen interviews Billy Graham, late 60s: Part one, two.

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