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2005may27. Mail.

I work for a senior citizen retirement community. Our residents are like children when it comes to candy/sweets. Could you donate candy for 150 residents?

No. Senior citizens are the age group at most risk for dental carries and other health problems due to the sugar and other ingredients in candy treats. At this point, they should be drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables to make their final days on this planet healthy and sane ones, not gobbling down Pixy Stix or whatever else they cry out for. The elderly are like children, and should be beaten regularly with switches trimmed from a cattail or other sturdy reed. Shadow puppets and TV are now again viable forms of entertainment due to the typical reduced mental capacities of the horribly, horribly old. A comical joke:

Speaker 1: Knock, knock.
Speaker 2: Who is there?
Speaker 1: The elderly.
Speaker 2: Please go away, I’ve called the police.

Why have the elderly visited the subject in this ribald gem? Surely they are up to no good.
[sticker enclosed: Nuestra Senora del Sagrado Corazon]