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party poker

2005may23. Mail. Mostly about the No More Geese Offer.

Don’t worry about those haters. The b1og is your life, and so are the geese right now. It’s not like you’re NOT entertaining because there are geese. Status quo my friend. Keep up the good work.
- Chris T

Please do not stop writing about the geese. I’m rather enjoying the story. And I love the photos!

– Amy

Don’t listen to the non-geese-loving player haters! I think your geese rule!
– a reader from Australia

how old do you have to be to work there. and are you hiring

- B

I’m loving the continuing saga of the geese, but I’m broke and can’t make a counter-offer. I guess if the goose-hater offers a lot of dough I won’t hold it against you for going for it.
- T

Please, don’t listen to the goobs who what you to stop mentioning the geese. What the hell do they think you’ll talk about instead. It’s not like you have a talkin’ limit, and it gets used up by the geese or something else. Just yammer away about whatever you want – like you always have.
– M

I *likes* the geese.

Pay no mind to the naysayers. The geese stories are humorous, and fun ... and besides, it’s YOUR site.
Keep up the good work!
– K

Is this tip-jar vs the geese thing going to devolve into some kinda eBay-sniping/pissing-match? I hope not. Even though a random email shouldn’t carry much weight, I vote the geese stay. I’ve enjoyed the stories and the pictures are just *too* damn cute.
– J S

screw the other guy.. I like the geese talk.
– M

Well, I certainly do appreciate all of the support, but I don’t think you need to worry about Our Little Man In Hategeeseanna -- he never checked back in to object to the amount I mentioned. Unfortunately, he gets his wish without dropping a dime – there will be no more goose antics on these pages since I’m in the middle of a move back to the bay area of California where geese are not allowed. I’m in Phoenix now, enjoying the crazy antics of the insistent Mister Sun and his ever-faithful companion Heatstroke, and then I’ll split in early June for my water cure. Yeah, sure, no more geese, but ... think of all the possibilities the move entails ... a guy ... in the bay area ... web1oggin’! You don’t see that much, tell you what. No sir.