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2005may08. The geese have become skilled insect hunters, having hours of practice during the night when the work lamp is on. I just saw Casati devour a one-inch beetle in ten seconds. They’ve also had some visitors over the last day, in the form of four dogs. One large one stopped by at one a.m., and was frustrated by the wire fencing, smashing his front paws against it repeatedly. A bit of yelling sent him away, and shortly thereafter there was much commotion and screaming from the chicken coop next door. Agonizing dying poultry sounds. As morning broke, a pack of three comically small dogs stopped by to drool into the pen, and one of them was thoughtful enough to urinate on it. “These geese are clearly marked as mine, your honor.” Another bit of screaming sent them scurrying through the low-lying vegetation. “YA YA DOGS!” I should have said that. So the fence has been beefed-up, fortified, chunks of wood have been added, plastic fencing, etc. I’ll put in some gun cross slits for the geese tomorrow.