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party poker

2005feb01. A day after all of this Flickr discussion, they’ve “rebooted” their database and now most of the photos that I had sitting as tabs in firefox patiently waiting to be screen-grabbed suddenly have that “all sizes” option available whereas before they did not. I’m just saying, is all. There is also a new button allowing people to “b|og this.” I believe “b|og” is some sort of bizarre, nauseating contraction of the term “web|og.” OLD SKOOL KICKIN’ IT PART OF THE 1997 WEB|OG KRUE!!!!!! BOYZZZZZZ

2005feb01. Mail.

Actually, on Flickr’s free accounts ALL photos are resized to 1024px on their biggest side. If you go pro there aren’t any limits.

You then have the option to share all sizes or only the version embedded in Flash--somewhere in your prefs.


Annnnnnnnnnnnd we’re out. Okay, that’s more than enough about Flickr for the time being, but thanks to everyone for clearing that up. In other news, I received a considerate donation for Cardhouse by postal mail and Amazon cancelled my tip jar, so everything is even-steven now. They won’t tell anyone why they drop domains like that, but I think it’s because of my hard-hitting investigative series on widdle fluffy kitties. That, or the non-stop swearing, haven’t decided yet.

2005feb01. McSweeney’s: Ladies and Gentlemen, This Is Your Captain Speaking.

2005feb04. Flickr: GET IN MAH BELLY! An undentified blob “gets in the belly” of another unidentified blob. The kana indicates that the drink in question is “yogeruto” (Yoghurt).

2005feb04. Deuce of Clubs: The Ol’ Huck ‘n’ Buck.

2005feb06. Today’s 404 losers include:


Keep trying, though!

2005feb06. Mail.

i am doing a project about future game that are not in america. it would help me alot if you could email me about some of these.

Sure, no problem.

“Pill Taker” – This is a Japanese game, part of the ultra-realistic simulation-type games that are being produced there, and this one is selling like Japanese hotcakes. You are a Japanese schoolteacher, and you must take a certain number of pills a day. So you take them. Japan only, June 2005.

“Smelt Smelt Revolution” – Finland. The Finnish love of smelt is represented via a 3-D “dance” environment in which you are required to stomp on wriggling fish to the beat of a traditional Finnish band or Bjork who is actually from Iceland, but it’s close enough. April 2005.

“Bicycle Race” – Germany. Two bicycles race. December 2006.

“Shoot ‘Em Up Cooperative” -- Bulgaria. This is Bulgaria’s first simultaneous team-play immersive combat entertainment software, and it is just like all the rest because they’re all the same, except this one has multi-colored crates. Summer 2006.

“Live Poker With Men At Work” – Australia. Grammy®-winning musical act “Men At Work” are represented by nearly life-like black-and-white avatars that play no-limit Omaha Hi/Lo poker with each other. You watch, rapturously. 2007.

“Church v2.3” – This is that Church game from Ireland. You’ve probably read about the scandals in your local paper. The remaining team members are offering up a small update that both removes the controversial Church basement sequence, and adds three or four Safe Public Havens. Should be on shelves in a week or two.

2005feb07. Inter-office memo: for the next week or so, I will be a russet potato. Please address all correspondence to “Russet Potato c/o Cardhouse.” Thank you.

2005feb07. Achewood.

2005feb07. The Japanese Are Almost Japanese. Momus on looking inward.

2005feb08. The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. A book, a film opening soon near you if you’re not me. Nice photos: 1 2 3 4.

2005feb08. Yesterday Cardhouse got hit with tons of 404s from a server located somewhere in Stanford. In the haze of a pre-breakfasted mind, I thought maybe when the boys packed up and left Stanford they forgot one lonely server that thinks it’s still 1998, still hits the same stuff but since it was pre-1.0 it doesn’t know that it only has half of a brain. “Hello? The Spot? Word? Suck? Feed? Errrr?” It’s very sad. I wrote a little play about it.

2005feb08. Google maps is interesting ... [via a whole lotta nothing] But they have border problems as you pull out. There is one hotel in Warren. Otherwise, stay in Canada. Oddly enough, trying to show this error unveils another – there’s no way to capture a URL for a specific zoom value. So you’ll have to click on the 7th little crossbar from the bottom to see the dramatic Warren/Windsor problem.

2005feb10. Flickr: 1 2 3 Also, a traditional Japanese candy amuses us somewhat because it has the appearance of buttocks.

2005feb11. A conversation with Carl Cheng from 2002. One of my favorite artists – I don’t know when this interview became available, I was just typing it in from the magazine and thought “you know ... ” He created the Santa Monica Art Tool. I wish I had seen his first Art Tool, which was a coin-operated mechanism on the pier.

“People would stand around and finally one guy would put a quarter in and everybody would rush up to watch what happened.”

2005feb11. A few days ago I set my email program to notify me about new email every 1000 minutes. I find I’m able to concentrate more on tasks at hand without email popping up every few minutes. If I want to check email, I just activate it manually.

2005feb13. I’m trying to get ahold of Cher for a friend. If you know Cher, drop me a line. No, this is not a joke. And I’m still a russet potato.

2005feb13. After reading all of the good reviews, I was kicked out of my seat by just how dull “Freaks & Geeks” was after finally renting one of the DVDs. On top of all the dreadly simple plotlines, the whole thing is supposed to be taking place in Michigan, 1980 ... and at one point the main characters are walking through subdivision on a brightly-lit Halloween day, all in costume after finishing their trick-or-treating rounds, and some “girls” from Hot Dog On A Stick drive by and laugh at them. They also get to watch other classmates putting on a “designated driver” skit.

1) There was no “Hot Dog On A Stick” in Michigan in 1980. There is no “Hot Dog On A Stick” in Michigan in 2005. Sometimes, Michigan makes the right choices.
2) You didn’t go out during the day on Halloween back then. You waited until nightfall to start trick-or-treating. You kids today? You’re scared pansies. Just sayin’. At one point one of the characters uses the term “Devil’s Day” which ... again ... if you know anything about Detroit in the 1980’s ... is ... nuts. NIGHT! NIGHT NIGHT NIGHT
3) No one cared about designated drivers in 1980. Designated drivers did not exist in 1980.

Oh, also, Farmer Jack is name checked twice within the first three episodes. “Farmer Jack.” Now everyone in Michigan knows it’s “Farmer Jacks,” just like it’s “Fords” and “Chryslers.” “Where do you work?” “Fords.” So some PA got a phone book out and started riffling through the grocery store names, good for him.

There. Timely, lively news on the tens here at Cardhouse.

2005feb16. Here’s another exciting entry where I beg for some little chunklet of software. I have created an “action” in Photoshop that takes very large jpg files (as created by my digital camera) and adjusts the color, cleans them up a bit, resizes them to be web-friendly, and saves them in a subdirectory. Swell. What it doesn’t do is rotate the photos that have been shot in landscape mode. So I’ve created two actions. The second one tilts the photo and then does everything I mentioned before. I run both actions against the entire directory, then I have to delete the “wrong” photos out of the two subdirectories. A bit of manual labor, which is what I’m trying to get away from by automating the resizing. The EXIF format has a tag “orientation” (0x0112 – the values, naturally, are 1, 3, 6, 8 and 9) which indicates “the orientation of the camera relative to the scene.” Is there any way to read this tag within an action so it can determine which way to rotate the photo?

2005feb16. Cardhouse: An ongoing experiment ... I’ve posted some photos up on Flickr. So.

2005feb17. I have a friend who has multiple domains and needs a low-cost, backup-diligent host. If you have any suggestions, please drop a note. Thank you.

2005feb18. Flickr: Virtual dog-walking game. Big fun for the dog-walking maven who doesn’t have a dog.

2005feb18. The Squirt-Gun Offense. Actually, it all depends on the judge and jury – what was that recent case where a woman complained about a neighbor dropping off some cupcakes on her front porch?

2005feb18. INVASION: MEXICO CITY (flickr)

2005feb19. My girlfriend works on one of the upper floors of what could be called a “hi-rise” building. She’s near the receptionist’s desk when the elevator doors open, and two 20-year-old hippies walk out. With their bikes. They begin mounting their trusty steeds when the receptionist says “excuse me? Can I help you?” “We were wondering if we could ride our bikes around and look at the view!” said one, in a manner near wonderment. No irony, no detachment. “No,” said the receptionist. “Okay, thank you!” one of them said, and they walked their bikes back into the elevator and went down.

Big thing in Tucson, apparently. Do drugs, ride your bikes through the upper floors of office buildings. Some hippies have security badges. “DRUGGED BICYCLE VISITOR.”

2005feb21. I’m pretty much at my limit, photo-wise, on my Flickr account. There have been updates. If you didn’t see the fake horse from Hong Kong, then you haven’t seen them all. It’s important.

2005feb21. Flickr. Invasion Of The Horrible Horrible Turtle Invader Force. Attack Of The Horrifying Lobster Swarm II: More Lobsters, Less Melted Butter. “THEY’RE USING LASERS, KEEP YOUR HEADS DOWN, FOLKS” [SFX: "doo! doo doo! dee doo!”]

2005feb21. Netflix just made American Astronaut available, a film by Cory McAbee of The Billy Nayer Show. You should watch it.

2005feb21. Achewood: Hate. She has two facial expressions: The Smirk and the Almost Smirk. You can see them on those photos captured from her Blackberry. If you’re famous for being famous for too long, your soul crumples into a little tar ball.

2005feb22. The String Tripod. Fool your friends.

2005feb23. In the space of two minutes yesterday, I saw a gila monster and a teenager walking her giant pig. It may not have been a gila monster because it was cookin’ across the road, but then that means it was something that was gila-monster shaped and sized that’s not a gila monster and I’m stumpered. In that case.

2005feb25. I’m slowly grinding through the Ask Metafilter archives. I ran into this howler on a thread about celebrities:

My brother has seen Roger Ebert three times. The first time, he walked up to Ebert and said, simply, “spoon,” flashing a spoon at him, and then walked off. Two years later, having planned things out, he approached him and said “fork,” this time presenting a fork. Two years after that, he approached him, reached into his pocket, opened his mouth, and then closed his mouth and walked off.

2005feb25. Abraham Lincoln the Cat.

2005feb28. Cintra: Oscars [via molly]. I tuned in for the first time in years and was pleased to note that they still dress the set like it’s the 1970s. The Oscar Blender ... a special touch. They were so proud of that floor-based multi-screen monitor, kept getting vertigo looking down on P. Diddy.

I don’t have anything to say about the stars, because celebrities give me the hives.