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2005dec23. Mail.

To add to your ever-growing empirical list of all the Mystery Spots in the world, there’s one in Belize, on the road that leads from Francis Ford Coppola’s hotel in the jungle to Francis Ford Coppola’s hotel on the coast, if you have a crusty old cab driver who wants a tip. Admittedly it’s just one of the ones where you (or your crusty cab driver) stops the car, takes the handbrake off and it rolls ‘uphill,’ but still! Empirical!


I think there are five in America. Some have different names, like the Vortex of Wonder. I’m sure there’s a web page pointing to them all. When I went to the one in Michigan as a kid, my uncle told some tall tale about when he was in the Army and he and his buddies found some strange hill where they could jump a fifty-foot distance, presumably because there wasn’t as much gravity there. Mmm.