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2005dec20. Mail.

bay area holiday entertainments ... go up to muir woods and walk around a spell. go down to half moon bay and enjoy the beach, the taqueria, the people, the winding hills. go up around hercules in the east, to the easily-missed earl’s texas bbq for some of the best food you have ever eaten; # workers: 2 – earl and his wife. wander around in ranch99. eat some of the best sushi you’ve ever had, at yum yum fish on irving. drag race against yuppies up and down sunset blvd or 46ave. hang out in the massive glass new-ish library; you can get excellent banh mi across the corner from there. go down to redwood city, check out the massive industrial machinery. drive back and forth across some of the bay causeways and see the large scary-colorful pools doing desalinization duty. stop at the in-n-out burger in palo alto/los altos and have some actually-delicious fast food. go to flea markets in berkeley or on that weird island that’s owned by the military.

I am guessing you are talking about Tres Amigos in Half Moon Bay. In September it was closed for construction, it may be back open, though. Best in the bay area, as far as I know.