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2005dec11. The Beginnings Of Another Delightful Day! One awesome thing about signing up for the Amazon tip jar service is that they publish your email address in the clear, google-searchable, etc. Great. So up ‘til, oh, now, I haven’t received any phishing email from someone pretending to be Amazon, just Paypal, and it’s always those wacky Russkies who send you emails with machine translations:

You now!!!! Pays pal address not good! You must change to log into not scam architecture!

So the second I get a phishing attempt from Amazon that’s written in correct English, I am on that shit. “Wow, Amazon is throwing errors at me for a bad vpn? What’s going on, they really need to ... URK” Yeah. They got me. So I immediately called the credit card company and they’ve got representatives who are ON THE CASE, because the clock is ticking, and they know it:

“Hi. I just gave my credit card number to someone who sent me a fraudulent email. It was a phishing attempt that was unfortunately successful. So I’d like to cancel my current number, and get a new one.”
“What did you just say?”

So you know, after we re-re-confirmed that my last charge to the card was made yesterday, they cancelled my card and then the customer representative drooled out the standard So You’ve Decided To Get A New Account Number With Us spiel in a delightfully non-informative way of which I understood about 28%. I mean understood as in I’m sorry you have to speak those three paragraphs at least ten times a day but you’d think you’d get better at enunciating it, not worse.

Perhaps they put an auto-lock on the card the second I said someone could potentially fraudulently charge the card. Doubt it.