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2004mar02. Inches and football fields: David Cay Johnson on the money.

2004mar02. Steve Wozniak on messing with the Secret Service: “You only live once.” That’s beautiful.

2004mar04. Photographic tour of Chernobyl “dead zone.” [via die puny humans]

2004mar06. I used to read Salon.com a lot. Now you have to sit through a full-page flash advertisement (once a day) to get any actual article you’d like to read. First you click on a splash screen, then you watch the ad for a “gaydar"-themed television series created by a rabid right-wing television station, and then you can “enter Salon premium.” Then you are released unto Salon.com proper (or maybe not – the last time I tried to do this, the flash ad kept repeating before it would get to the end), where among the five ads wrapped around the “content,” at least three of them are for the aforementioned Gaydar reality show (I’m just assuming it’s a reality show. That’s all there is now, really). And really, it’s not like I sat around and watched the ad while it was playing. This is a computer I’m on here, and I’ve got nine kabillion windows open. You, my pathetic little flash advertisement, can sit in the background grinding away with whatever memecrap you think you’re cramming into my headspace, but you’re just little numbers spinning lazily in my taskbar. I only see the first frame of the ad, and the last, which, typically, are the exact same things that appear as static ads on the Salon.com content page. Your little robot talkie shill is completely ineffective and redundant. I don’t go to Salon.com anymore, so now even the non-moving advertisements are no longer penetrating my soft, delicate/innocent eyeballs.

Salon.com is like the RealPlayer of media websites.

2004mar06. Hotel ice fetish.

2004mar06. The Vegas Playgirl bombs on Jeopardy, even with her magical fake Starbucks drink.

2004mar06. Netflix message.

Louise Brooks: Looking For Lulu has been added to your rental queue.

Other movies with the same director, actor, and/or genre:

- Gangsta King: Raymond Lee Washington
- Raising Tennis Aces: The Williams Story
– Nasty’s World: White Knuckle Extreme
– Boys of 2nd Street Park

The page also features a section entirled “more movies with Shirley MacLaine.” [FX: netflix.com sheepishly draws figure eights in the dirt with its foot]

2004mar10. See? If you want something, you have to ask for it.

2004mar16. Area Website Writes About Anything, Slaps “Urban Legend” Title On It

2004mar20. Achewood.

2004mar20. No seriously, I’m with FedEx.

2004mar20. Another illegal immigrant FedEx delivery from 2002.

2004mar21. Language Hat kicks the “100 Most Mispronounced Words” list in the face, and this churns up another bit about the difference between duct and duck tape. This then reminds me of putting duct tape all over a dryer duct years ago and watching it just fall off days later.

2004mar22. In keeping with today’s headlines: Caboose FAQ.

2004mar22. This squirrel cop patch rules. It also “rocks.” The original squirrel cop story was broadcast on This American Life back in 1998, when most of us were younger.

2004mar25. Penkiln-Burn Job No. 41: Cake.

2004mar25. Photos from road trip. Tucumcari, New Mexico.

Dean’s sign.

Dean’s alley.


2004mar29. Herbert’s Pledge of Allegiance.

2004mar31. Yet another Wired article, this time on Netflix clones. Guess I’ve been sleeping under a log for awhile.

2004mar31. Netflix analysis. A friend of mine told me he copies the discs he gets and puts them right back in the mail, sometimes on the same day. I don’t think they’re making any money on him.

2004mar31. Netflix (Wired article from December 2002) is a subscription DVD rental service. For $20 a month, you select three movies that you’d like to watch, and these are mailed to you. You can keep them as long as you like. When you’re done with one or more, you mail them back, and the next movie(s) you’d like to see is mailed to you. No late fees, no “we’re out of that one.” The only problem with Netflix is their rental queue design, which is minimalistic and yet atrocious. Netflix Freak looks like it takes care of some nagging UI problems plus adds plenty of bonus additional extra features.

2004mar31. Yeah! That’s what we need! The FBI, the CIA, the NSA, that other one that is more seekrit than the NSA, the TSA, the DHS, ECHELON, INS, IRS, DEA, ATF, the shadow government, state and local police, the impotent mall security guard ... it’s not enough. Soon, all U.S. citizens will be employed at one of several hundred TLAs which will spy on all the other TLA employees and themselves. Weee! We all get to wear sharp uniforms! [via doc]

2004mar31. I am travelling to Japan and various other countries. In a month. An article in Wired mentioned that there’s discussion about using GPS instead of “normal” addresses in Japan, where sometimes the taxi drivers have to ask around to find a certain location. But I can’t find any of this “discussion.” Really what I’m looking for is a big ole’ list of interesting/relevant landmarks with accompanying lat/long readings. ARE YOU THAT LIST?