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2003oct28. Sex only in marriage – and between a virgin man and a virgin woman! No left-overs no sloppy seconds – just fresh sex between each other! For without virginity, the woman has made herself a whore, and if not a virgin man, he has made himself a whoremonger – neither are qualified for a righteous marriage. Repent! Get right with God! Turn to Jesus Christ! You must abstain from sex for the rest of your life. Sex and marriage are not for Christians! Marriage is of the flesh, and not of the spirit. Christians are born again of the spirit of Jesus Christ, and are one spirit or one life with Christ. A Christian life should be seen in Jesus, and the life of Jesus should be seen in a Christian! Marriage is of the world and not the walk of Christ.

“No kinky sex. No incest. No anal sex. No oral sex. No sex for the kids.”

The writing continues in this vein. My favorite part: “No reckless eye balling.” (San Francisco – July)