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2003oct16. Mail.

if you go to designforchunks.com and look at the bag design from dude studios in group 1, it is a perfect illustration of what you are describing on cardhouse right now. I am emailing you from a car in front of a high school right now. There are 5 open wireless networks! neat.

- Holly

Cruising the high schools, eh? I have a mental image of the bag, I remember it fondly.

http://www.megahouse.co.jp/products/panda_z/index.html is what you want, pandawise. You can get it at www.hlj.com.

Hrm. This is not the panda robot that I was envisioning. The wings confuse me, they look like a cheap afterthought. I was looking for something more robot-ee and less panda-ee. But thanks for digging that up!