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2003oct06. The Brooklyn DMV and the Arizona MVD or MVP or whatever share an automated queuing system named “The Infinite Wait Matrix 3000” or something like that. See those codes on the wall?

F407 5
E982 4
F406 7
C637 18
A182 26
The first part is your own personal waiting code ticket, which you can reflect on for many, many minutes in the air-conditioned comfort of the DMV office. The second part is the window you’re supposed to report to. I have no idea why they've decided to partition the sequence into n segments where n is the total number of letter prefixes used. I originally had thought it was to create a false sense of impending action, but if you’re going to let each letter get up to 999 and wrap around, then there’s really no reason to not go with just a straight number code. In addition to this crap, Arizona’s DMV features an automated ro-bot voice reading off the top line of the display. Or, that’s what it’s supposed to do. Instead, it reads the top letter, and then the number of the second line, and the window from the first line. There is also an LCD sign that attempts to relieve the boredom by presenting various vacuous trivia questions, and I’m surprised the whole thing didn’t just burst into flames from the combined mind power of hundreds of trapped citizens. Then, finally, the license photo.
Though I’m currently using a cheap Canon digital camera that can take amazing pictures with almost no light, they've somehow set themselves up with a camera that will instantly blind you if you look where they tell you to look. “Hold on, I have to pour in the flash powder here ... “

There. I have complained about the DMV. Next: airlines.