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2003oct05. While tootling around Fisherman’s Wharf like a drooling pretzel-eating tourist, I noticed a kid idly playing with the “NEXT BOAT” hands of a large graphic display clock. Eventually one of the workers came over to admonish him.

His father also showed up, and I have no idea what sort of conversations the kid had with both of these authority figures, but I bet you could figure it out.
The thing is, that clock is just asking for it. Low to the ground, big and friendly, it looks like a play clock. You got a problem with it, Alcatraz boat people? put a sheet of plastic over it, or lock it down. I think the next time I’m up there I’m going to play with it a little bit, maybe bring little wooden blocks that read “A.M.” and “P.M.” ... “NEXT BOAT 3 A.M., TOOOOOOOT”