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2003jun01. Mail.

Hello there I have been writing poetry and I finally wanted to get it published, but I don’t know how so if you can drop me a line to explain how I can get my poems published that would be wonderful.

I will publish your poetry.

Hello there

I have been writing poetry
I finally wanted to get it published,
I don’t know how so if you can drop me a line to explain
I can get my poems published

that would be wonderful

2003jun01. More poetry in the mail.

The Diet Patch is

100% all natural
and is made with
fucus (bladderwrack)
an extract of marine algae
fucus (bladderwrack)
has been used
as a homeopathic remedy for over 100 years
to speed up the metabolic rate and

2003jun01. More poetry mail.

Housemaster, Super Big PENIS! highway

What do women secretly say behind their lovers
back? 67% of women say they’re
with their lover’s penis size.

Do something about it

today, in a natural way!

This is a risk-free offer
with no prescription needed.
Naturally Increase Length and Girth

2003jun03. Cockeyed: The Hypnodisk.

2003jun03. Mail.

Hello, please assist me with an inquiry. I’m an author and collector of Wizard of Oz memorabilia. I’m revising my 1999 book, The Wizardry of Oz, and want to show all 12 of Barratt’s 1940 Wizard of Oz series. I am lacking 2 cards to complete my set: “Dorothy & Dog Toto,” and “The Wizard Returns to Kansas in His Balloon.” I am paying up to $100 each, or will pay for crisp photocopies. Do you also have a contact e-mail or post address for the Barratt Company? Thank you.
Sincerely, William S.

Perhaps one of our readers will have this information.


Perhaps one of our readers will have this accepting of selling through procurament.


We are a group of business students doing surch for the new market of pastilles, in Croatia. We should also learn from the competitors to get a wider picture of business opportunities. We would like to know if you are operating in Croatia, selling pastilles – and if yes, what is your market share. Thank you for the answer and we wish you a nice spring!

Students from Turku school of Economics and Business Administration

I sell all the pastilles in Croatia. My market share is 100%. Anyone wants to sell pastilles in Croatia, they go through me. You surch around, you find this is true!

2003jun04. I’ve been infected by the Friendster virus. send me your name as it appears in Friendster and we'll be “Friendster Friends.” Or whatever “activity partners” means. I see low tables, construction paper, rounded scissors, and white glue.

2003jun04. An important message.

2003jun05. I am dying here. No, seriously, someone call an ambulance. Okay, I am joking. This ebay ghost in a jar stuff is making me chortle. “NitroBLUE LEDS Light up Your GHOST IN A JAR” [via metafiltrate]

2003jun05. A piece of stitchery of note. [via rusty]

2003jun05. The Friendster friendly friend network blows out too far, too fast. After adding two friends, suddenly my “personal network” of FOAFs numbered in the tens of thousands, and now it’s up FORTY-THREE THOUSAND people. So I sent them all a little mail message saying hello and whatnot and to come over for pizza. I hope they will all be my friends!

2003jun06. Spam.

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[url] To ReMOvE [user]@cardhouse.com From Our List Please Click Here

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Is this like Snow Crash? “Hey, look, it’s not even in Engl – I AM A ZOMBIE”

2003jun06. I am eternally grateful to the young men who park their sonically-enhanced cars on the street outside, giving my life a constant deep-beat soundtrack. I’m not sure what’s proper, in the way of a “thank-you.” Flowers?

2003jun08. SHIELDS and YARNELL will require a local person to be a “LATE ARRIVAL” member of the audience. This person should enter the theatre approximately 10 minutes after the show starts and assume empty house seat (6 rows towards center) previously mentioned. This person should coordinate with SHIELDS and YARNELL or their stage manager.

2003jun08. Bombing the SAT. [via traveler’s diagram]

As you can see, I have selected the nickname “Tensai,” which in Japanese translates to both “Genius” and “Natural Disaster.” This is perfect for my test-taking persona. I recently noticed that “Tensai” is an anagram of “SAT ein(s),” or “SAT 1” in German. Coincidence? Or destiny!

2003jun08. Shameless Promotional Message from Dr. Berk: My brother Derek’s band, The High Strung, was reviewed in Rolling Stone! (And not a bad review either). If you get the June 26 issue (on newsstands now), you can even see a picture of him (and the rest of the band) on p.74. Their CD, These Are Good Times is being released in stores on June 17th on TeePee Records (their label, out of Brooklyn). Please check them out if they’re near you – they’re a good live band, and Derek is especially fun to watch. They’ll be touring for this CD release for the next year (or more!) See www.thehighstrung.com for show dates.

2003jun09. Dumb request: about a year ago, there were some photos on the web of fearless young men determined to cram as much ham-radio and spectrum-monitoring gear as they could inside their cars, sometimes replacing the entire passenger’s side area. Perhaps it was in Japan. Perhaps it was not. I am looking for these photos.

2003jun09. Western State #2: Cory McAbee (The Billy Nayer Show). Huge quicktime interview. The Billy Nayer Show will be playing at Union Pool in Brooklyn this Thursday and American Astronaut will be shown. As well.

2003jun09. Occasionally I end up in a continuous email volley with someone else, and it’s at this point that the limitations of email make themselves known. Lines of inference get tangled up, I’m backing up to refresh earlier trains of thought, I’m copying and pasting from multiple old emails. I just want something between email and chat, run by the same email client. Managed chat. One logged window per person, not n email messages with irrelevant subject fields.

2003jun09. Refreshments!

2003jun10. Scene 2: Laugh Heartily. North Korean Arirang Festival. People pixels plus marching masses = 100,000 glorious flowers of nationalism. [via mimi smartypants]

2003jun13. The office: never a good place to kill yourself.

2003jun16. Since we’re leaving California, we took one last trip to Yosemite and trail-walked to Wapama Falls. It’s only a trickle in this “virtual reality” panorama, but last Saturday the volume of water was enough to make some people think twice about passing through. Including us. But an older couple watching over their grandkids told us that they spoke to another younger couple who had come back drenched and said it was worth it, so we soldiered on and after it was all over, I ended up thanking them three times for the tip. The snowmelt seems to be delivering just the right amount of water so you get sprayed and have to cross some slighty submerged rock and wood bridges, but it’s warm enough weather to make the whole thing rather pleasant. The spray areas are sort of split in two, and the panorama doesn’t capture it all, despite being virtual reality and all (this panorama was also captured later in the summer). Bring shoes you don’t care about, because they’re going to get wet – or cross barefoot. The trail to Wapama Falls is five miles round-trip and starts out by crossing what the guidebook calls “OiShaughnessy Dam.” Downriver the mighty Tuolumne drops into Poopenaut Valley (pronounced “Poopenaut”) and then into my sippey cup. Photos later. Of the falls, not my sippey cup. That’s a personal thing.

2003jun17. Care the Deception of Whacking the Picking ups and many more signs of confusion.

2003jun19. Boiling, huh? How’s that working out over there ... uh huh ...

2003jun19. I call bullshit. For some reason this “commercial airplanes never ditch” meme is on overdrive as of late. [via sixdifferentways]

2003jun26. Whatever.

2003jun27. C'mon, everybody! If you work real hard, you gedda bawooon!!!!11!!!1

2003jun30. Workspaces of designers. Ancient history: Scott Stowell (page 2) designed the covers to X Magazine #6 and X Magazine #7. The reprint of the Gursky print 99 Cent reminds me ... I was at SFMOMA awhile ago checking out the Gursky action and one of the guides was all “Gursky never indicates whether or not the photos are edited” and I was all like “hmm” and two minutes later I found a repetitive collage stitch edit on the São Paulo metro station print so I ran back to the guide shouting “I FOUND ONE I FOUND ONE DERERERERERER” and they kicked me out. [via traveler’s diagram]

2003jun30. Mount Lemmon before the fire.