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2002nov08. My Rhymes Are Quite Possibly The Best Ever

Please stand back. I will need some room for my rhyming skills, which seem to be pretty good. I am currently representing my hometown, or rather, the members of my immediate community who are interested in the rapperly arts. What makes me better than all of them? I don’t really know. Jerry didn’t come to the competition last week because he had a cold, so that left Lopez and Lopez, well, he’s a mumbler, really. So I am representing. Now I am sending word out that your rhymes are probably facile and burdened with troubling scatalogical metaphors. I am just saying, is all. So by my way of thinking, my rhymes could be better than yours, and maybe most others as well. If they’re not, then, well, I guess that’s my problem, but for now I’m just going to go ahead and make that assumption. I’m not sure what the procedure is now – do I have to sign a certificate or something? Anyway, my rhymes are quite possibly the best ever. Bust it. Thank you for your consideration.