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2002jun04. David Cross: not like Carrot Top or Gallagher. The Mr. Show DVD is now available. A nation ... rejoices.

2002jun05. Cockeyed: Oreos. I like Newman-Os myself.

2002jun05. Free art pie. “We want pie! We want pie!” Livin’ on the wrong coast right now. [via obscure store]

2002jun06. Salon: How Standardized Testing Is Graded. Hey, here’s a surprise – by minimum-wage workers under the gun!

2002jun07. Do you smell chocolate? Where’s that chocolate smell coming from ... accounting?

2002jun07. Man, I’m getting sick of the link-trading mail robots.

I just added a link to .. on my site.

You can find it here: http://www.[blahblahblah].com/runwaymodels.html

I would be very grateful if you added a link to http://www.[blahblahblah].com

I prefer a simple text link, but I also have several banners and sample text links at: http://www.[blahblahblah].com/links/addlink.html

Let me know if you would like any changes in your listing (category, description, etc) even if you decide not to link back.

Thanks, Micky

So the “runwaymodels.html” is a page loaded with links to runway model sites – and to Cardhouse, because of this page that features runway models.

2002jun10. Well, it looks like I’m going to the San Diego Comic Con again. This also means that I will be going to Tijuana. Also to the Museum of Jurassic Technology. So if you’re going to be anywhere near there around August 3rd – 5th, drop me a line and we'll do some crimes or eat pieces of bread magically shaped to look like pretzels and sold in the lobby of the San Diego Convention Center. We could do either of these things. Also, billiards. Perhaps billiards.

2002jun10. Heat Vision & Jack, an unaired pilot featuring Jack Black as an astronaut with super brainical powers ... riding a talking motorcycle. The script is long, hilarious, and perhaps worth your time. Cancel some meetings.

2002jun11. Saturday’s guest on Niko-Niko Punsuka Hamuemon was a blue feller named Hamukatsu. “Katsu” has several meanings; the ones with the most relevance are “win,” “defeat,” and “a breaded deep-fry cutlet.” Which, as someone with more culinary experience has pointed out to me, is a “cordon bleu.” Which, as someone with more French experience has pointed out to me, does indeed end with the word “blue.” Also, the MC is throwing out some new colors, not that Niihamu or Hamuemon would know. It’s obvious, after seeing nine episodes, that three of the hamsters are getting softballs and Hamudon, Hamuzo, and the guest hamster are served up the esoteric ones (“ivory, ivory, ivory”). Someone with more military history experience has pointed out to me that Hamudon bears a hamster-filtered resemblance to Hideki Tojo (1; 2). Now, if someone would tell me what the teakettle on Hamuzo’s head is all about ... perhaps it’s there to take advantage of all of his hot air. Hamukatsu had an argument about the name of an object confused with a color of an object – like “orange” vs. “orange” but it was for a melon or something. He was vindicated on this point, but lost the match and into the pepper for him.

2002jun11. Portland Zine Symposium 2002. No tables available? Man, start building zine lofts.

2002jun11. Saw an advertising poster for pearl drinks the other day. The tagline, in inch-high type: “Let me crazy.”A Google search indicates that this is a common Taiwan-based linguistic error:

Thx you for let me crazy..
My boyfriend let me crazy
the vocabulary let me crazy
Sometimes I cautch myself question things that I should not and that let me CRAZY!!!
So that’s actually supposed to be “Makes me crazy” or, in layman’s terms “This pearl drink, with those large tapioca balls in it, is the genesis of my psychosis.” I’m all for this, I miss the fractured language of my video gaming youth. Let me crazy English!

2002jun12. Special thanks to the nice person who sent me something from my wishlist. The economy is recovering! An uplifting portent.

2002jun12. Interesting article about EULAs being enforced. The article mentions that Kazaa is strong-arming people into turning over control of the CPU and hard drive so they can then sell it to other corporations. Combine that scary thought with this article about distributed communication telematics and you’re going to be signing one mother of a EULA when you buy your new car. I'll be installing a crowbar into the juicy bits, you bet, EULA or not. Nobody rides on my dime.

2002jun12. My Guys. An exploration into the seamy underside of NYC jobbers.

2002jun13. [Cardhouse Auctionary Services] My my my. Sellin’ stuff, makin’ rent.

KLF “Kylie Said To Jason” CDsingle
KLF Stadium House Trilogy + Brits award concert appearance w/ENT

2002jun13. Doko Demo Issho (scroll down to the second item) types when you type. [larger image]

2002jun17. Overdose on Japanese-English.

2002jun18. We saw the International Space Station (also here and here) twice during the weekend. It was quite grand. I waved, but nobody waved back. Astronauts.

2002jun18. “Hey Boo-Boo! Looks like I found a little pick-me-up in this here pic-a-nic basket!”

2002jun20. Radio Shack has put a “service mark” on the phrase “discover ways to Shackcessorize” to make sure no one else uses it. I’m guessing that it’s not going to be a problem. Unless, of course, you’d like to send me a mail message telling me how you’ve augmented your day/life using the word “Shackcessorize.”

2002jun20. Good Lord. What IS that?

2002jun21. If you are from Australia and have been enjoying this website in any capacity, your current tax is one packet of Traditional Black Rabbit licorice, available at Woolworths and Franklins. Thank you.

2002jun21. ICQ Quotes. Can’t figure out where I got this one, I have two million pages open right now. Astronauts.

[BombScare] i beat the internet
[BombScare] the end guy is hard

2002jun21. As you probably already know, Audiogalaxy rolled over for the RIAA.

Under Monday’s settlement, Audiogalaxy is required to obtain permission from a songwriter, music publisher or recording company to use and share copyrighted works.
So who’s going to give permission to Audiogalaxy to offer up public domain works? Thomas Edison, for example, is currently blocked by Audiogalaxy. Anyone have his email address?

2002jun21. I am trying to calmly shop for a VCR and it is destroying me. So many options. So few reviews. If anyone has anything to say about any VCR less than $150, drop me a line. Thank you kindly.

2002jun22. I found my VCR. Unfortunately there is something sticking to it, and it’s made for two-headed children. The madness continues.

2002jun22. Your government at work, #93589156a in a series.

2002jun22. Oh my. The Origami Boulder Company.

2002jun23. Airplanes yay!

2002jun24. Philco. Listen to your favorite music in your favorite format! Play vinyl 33 1/3 albums or 45 RPM’s on the finely crafted turntable. Listen to cassette tapes and the most current CDs ... all on this marvelous player! Visit with family and friends while listening to how music has changed with the times.

2002jun25. I ate a stick of butter because it’s fun.

2002jun25. Cockeyed: How much tobacco is inside beautiful, tax-free cigarettes.

2002jun25. Kindereggs contraband. [via whygodwhy]

2002jun26. Mail.

Just wanted to say I have a den of iniquity around the corner from my house that sells KinderEggs. I am indeed in paradise.

-- kafkaesque

If the cops show up, remember to clean the chocolate off your mouth before answering the door. “Mmmmphhhhello?”

2002jun26. Wal-Mart go to hell. Systemic corruption facet #218a: Employees locked inside, working off the clock. [NYT fake registration required]

2002jun27. Kid begins his life of crime in the fast lane.

2002jun27. Wackynitions!

cellpit: A mosh pit that suddenly develops around an obnoxious cellphone user, whether they’re jabbering or holding up the cellphone for their friend to hear & everyone else to see

2002jun28. Mail.

Kinder fucking bitter dissapointment more like! Have you ever had one? The so-called chocolate is a substandard low-coco solid “chocolate-flavour” ultra thin shell and the toy is more often than not an ugly & badly molded Disney tie-in piece of crap.

Sometimes, however, you get a fantastic tiny model kit of a speedboat or helicopter than turns into a robot and it is these carrot-on-sticks that makes you undo the foil in anticipation (you eat the chocolate as a kind of by-product, without emotion or satisfaction). And then, once you pop open the yellow oval, a crushing blow. It’s a FIFA World Cup Commemorative Unidentifiable Plastic Mascot. Collect all 82.

Mind you, young cats just love the yellow plastic ovals that contain the ‘toy'. They bat them across polished wooden flooring for hours at a time.

- Emlyn

I got a small wooden boat once in der Kinderegg. It was pre-assembled so I had to choke the whole thing down with one swallow.

2002jun30. Say, this seems a little familiar ...

2002jun30. Another brave soul makes fire using only materials presented in the movie Castaway.