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2002feb01. Today is February 1st, 2002.

2002feb01. Wiarton Willie will be a-lookin’ for his shadow there tomorrow. “Wiarton Willie has decreed that everyone should have a little Willie in their life!” I don’t think the webmaster at wiartonwillie.com is taking the job seriously enough. For you Speedpool2 fans, “Wunderlich Billiards has developed a white Wiarton Willie Pool Cue.” [via molly]

2002feb03. KELP CAM

2002feb03. Apparently the Simpsons didn’t make enough bank shilling for C. C. Lemon to return home from Japan. In that one episode remember?

2002feb03. Here’s a television ad for Morinaga’s “Ice Guy" frozen delicacy. I think there is a secret message, though. I might be wrong. (Quicktime, probably not safe for workies)

2002feb03. 52 celebrity Q-n-As: Is There A God? (old)

2002feb03. My eyeballs are really drying out today. Soon they will dangle from the sockets, and I will have to (gently!) pick them up to look anywhere but downward. I could make one eyeball look at the other eyeball! I could put on a play! I could look deep into my own eye sockets! Anything is possible in the world of dangling eyeballs.

2002feb07. Fake sushi article. From 2000.

2002feb08. I’m going to be at APE this year, wandering around. So if you see a guy, just sort of looking at stuff, that would be me. 1-4pm, Saturday. Wandering.

2002feb08. Mail.

Feh. That fake sushi place hasn’t got anything on

FAX FOODS. Not only does Fax Foods have a broader selection, but they also offer a glossy full-color catalog (which I can personally recommend) for all your plastifood browsing needs.



2002feb08. ABCNEWS reports on the recent hemp foods ban by the FDA. The accompanying photo mistakenly features at least one product that is not banned – Nature’s Path Hemp Plus waffles, which have no THC. That’s even stressed in the article – the confusion between “all hemp foods” and “hemp foods with THC.”I’ve been trying to find these bad boys all over the Bay Area, no luck. Hemp seed gets you yer Omega3/6 “essential fatty acids” – not like that nasty-ass partially hydrogenated soybean oil that’s in, oh, just about every product at your local multinational supermarket. [via doc]

2002feb08. J. Otto in Detroit. Nice painted-on Pocky box, etc. This will take a long time to load if your connection takes a long time to load things. He will be appearing in San Francisco, or is there now, or really, the gallery is probably closed, but actually it’s six, so maybe not, so he’s there but not there at the same time. [via nelo]

2002feb12. Mail.

if you’re really serious about your hemp waffles, we have them up here at Whole Foods in Petaluma. i wanted to buy them, my wife made me put them back. she said they are a gateway food or something.

yowza – dave

2002feb13. Ebay: Bjork’s first album. Age 11.

2002feb14. This Olympic weblog is my only exposure to the Olympics thus far, and it’s perfect. It’s just what I’m looking for in an Olympic weblog. I award you, Olympic weblog, the GOLD!!!! ALSO THE OTHER TWO METALS!!! [wipes away tiny tear]

2002feb14. Cockeyed: How much is inside an order of fries?.

2002feb16. Ask Doctor Bible. See if you can figure out which one I wrote.

2002feb17. Cube Twistin’ on Happy Family Plan.

2002feb18. Don’t forget to watch Evan Dorkin/Sarah Dyer’s “Eltingville” cartoon! (March 3rd, 11pm, Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim”) More information here.


2002feb26. One of the floats for the Chinese New Year parade in San Francisco featured a sort of barnyard “pen” with people dressed up as what appeared to be the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac. In the middle of all this frolicking was a taller man with shocking red hair dressed as a scary clown with an ugly yellow jumpsuit. There were a lot of fireworks, so I couldn’t really hear a lot of what was going on, but I swear I heard a loudspeaker coming from the float that blared “Come on down to McDonald’s and taste these delicious animals for yourself! Smile, consumers!” Then we got trapped in the crowd and I had to punch my way out. “Happy New Year!” Sock. “Very happiest of new years!” Uppercut. “A year of prosperity unto your house!” Jab. But seriously, the best way to see a parade is to start at the end of the parade route and then when the parade gets to you to start walking very fast to the beginning of the parade route so you see everything in one-tenth the time. “Band, band, military band, dancers, band, military band, second wave of massive Ford banners, cute kids running around in horse costumes, band, fireworks, dragon, military band, third Ford wave, military band, stupid TV station on-screen talking heads on crappy fake cable car, military band, dancing kids, fireworks, dragon with cool eyes, military band ... “

2002feb26. Mighty Girl at the Olympics, on Mormons, magnometers, etc.

2002feb27. Evan Dorkin interview discussing “Eltingville” (part one, part two) [via signalstation]