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2002aug09. There goes my Summertime Lime habit.

2002aug12. Ebay: This is it. The ultimate collectible. Madonna’s half-eaten Twizzlers package. Like all things Madonna, it shocks us, and makes us see things in a “new” ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ...

2002aug14. Walking back to the US from Tijuana post 9/11 now takes forever, in the hot, hot sun. Riding a bus (Mexicoach, etc) also takes forever, but at least you’re sitting and occasionally street urchins will do four-ball cascades for the passengers while standing on a thin concrete barrier. When we unloaded into customs two weeks ago, there was a line just for bikes, and most of them had similar number tags displayed on the front handlebars. I spoke to one of the guys in line, and sure enough, it’s a business. Now National Guardsmen will hold your bike while you go through the metal detector. Awww. The bike line was cookin’ when we were there, it appears that they've streamlined the process a bit.

2002aug15. Cockeyed: The Helicopter rolls his own.

2002aug15. A McCarthy for the 21st Century.

2002aug16. Little Brother Gets Busted. (2001) A lighthearted look at federal mandatory minimum drug sentencing laws. The shockwave file will take awhile to load.

2002aug16. Bringing Down The House: Those crazy MIT kids and their team card-counting schemes. Why does that photo look like something clipped out of Playboy circa 1984? [via blogdex]

2002aug16. East meets West: Inventor creates ‘Sushi Stapler’ with edible staples for fast sushi-makin’ action. [NYT: requires stewpid registration]

2002aug16. Can you read people’s thoughts just by looking at them? long article by Malcolm Gladwell. Essential read.

2002aug19. If you are from the bay area and you’re looking for a little weekend day trip, I am recommending Pinnacles National Monument. One of the trails (Balconies Caves Trail) features a short cave (I believe the other cave trail is currently closed) that opens out into the bottom of a giant crevice. This crevice is filled with house-sized boulders; you walk under all of them. This was the most amazing thing I’d seen in quite awhile, very surreal. The second most amazing thing was watching all of the families jetting through this crevice without comment. Most of them didn’t even look up, it was as if they were in line at the DMV. I wanted to point and scream, “Big scary rock! Directly overhead! We’re on the Hayward fault right now! No guarantee of your safety!” If you want to check it out, be aware that the park has no road connecting the West and East portions. We came around to the East entrance through Hollister, which means the trail to Balconies Caves Trail is a flat 2.3 miles. This seemed a bit long when coupled with the Balconies Caves/Cliff Trail loop; perhaps you’d be better off arriving at the West entrance by going through Soledad. Then the hike is only .6 miles, but of “moderate” difficulty. In any event, it seemed like approaching the Balconies Caves Trail from the East (it’s a loop) would lend itself to a more dramatic experience. Unless you’ve got to get new tags for your car.

2002aug21. I think you’re special. That’s why I’m sending you here. I want you to share in my pain. Let me know how long it sticks.

2002aug21. Cardhouse and/or Macros2000 now has a “tip jar.” This means that you can purchase the current Macros2000 magazine electronically, or you can donate money so I can keep these sites running and clean. I run tight, sanitary websites, and janitorial supplies don’t grow on trees, unless you’re talking about that “Orange Blossom All Natural Citrus Solvent.” That one does, for the most part. And also the Ultra 2400 Propane Powered Burnisher. Let’s get in trouble, baby.

2002aug21. Somewhere, deep within the steamy bowels of Microsoft HQ, lies a puzzle, as devious as Bill Gates himself. No, it’s not to weed out potential employees - this is a brain-teaser for Microdrones. One drone is trying to cheat!!!! Let’s all put our various heads together and win two grand for someone else. Or, if you’re crafty, solve it yourself, get hired to Microsoft, and grab the cash.

2002aug21. The Straight Dopers are chewing on the Microsoft puzzle as well. Beat them. Beat them. [via doc]

2002aug25. You totally add one more A pill to your hand then you cut each of the four of them in half and you eat one half of each pill then the next day you eat the other half of each pill.

2002aug27. Cockeyed: How Much Is Inside The Million Which Is Dollars?

2002aug27. I visited the California State Fair with friends over the weekend. We went into the first of two “crappy small business” buildings there. You know, knife sharpening, rug cleaners, FREE SPINAL EXAM, etc. We watched the guy commanding a jewelry booth, omnipresent hands-free Judy-the-Time-Life-operator microphone dangling in front of his mouth. People were lined up, giving him twenty dollars for ring-mounted pearls. Mounted right there, while-u-watch. We sat on the side, and quietly observed as he opened an oyster, pulled out the pearl, mounted it, then his hands went down to get a small bag to put it in and he switched it with a different pre-bagged pearl ring. Perhaps this was just a motion of convenience, but at the time we thought of it as low rookery.