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2001sep06. Leisuretown now has a donation page.

2001sep06. Cockeyed: An exploration of fire-making technology.

2001sep11. I would suggest you turn on the news right now if you don’t know about the World Trade Center being destroyed by hijacked airlines in addition to the Pentagon attack.

2001sep11. Why a Swiss-style policy would deter attacks from terrorists [via deuce]

2001sep11. History: 1945 plane crash into Empire State Building

2001sep11. Ebay: WTC debris

2001sep11. Links, etc: World New York.

2001sep12. Poynter.org: more links

2001sep13. Bush administration gave $43 million to Taliban in May. [report later determined to be incorrect; funds were given for humanitarian aid, to be administered by the U.N. and NGOs]

2001sep13. Chomsky on bombings.

2001sep13. Counterpunch on bombings.

2001sep13. Excellent commentary over at Ethel The Blog

2001sep14. Divided We Stand interview with Eric Darton [via Cruel Site]

2001sep14. Response to Violence: Teach Peace, Not War [via metafilter]

2001sep14. The Unknown Enemy [via deuce]

2001sep14. Mir Tamim Ansary on Afghanistan. Essential reading. [via boingboing]

2001sep14. Mail.

Hi there.

It’s good to see that some people are being sane about this thing; I’ve seen far too much of people saying it is worth giving up civil liberties just to let the government enact its “defense.” This is from the point of view of a Brit, I should say, and I guess it’s easy to have such opinions when its not my country that’s been attacked. Even so, I must say your governemt does worry me rather.

Anyway, I found a good news link, that you might not have seen.

All the best,

2001sep16. Kindercore band I Am The World Trade Center shortens its name.

2001sep17. History: Operation Northwoods

2001sep17. Indymedia links

2001sep17. Running Against The Grain: A Survivor’s Tale

2001sep17. Douglas Rushkoff on WTC political aftermath [via metafilter]

2001sep17. Mail from a friend in Hamtramck, Michigan.

Given the last week, I will probably never watch CNN again. As if the stock footage of the Palestinians were not bad enough, the one-sidedness is enough to make me sick. I followed the link for Indy news about all of the Peace vigils, and I myself attended a Peace vigil in Hamtramck yesterday. Knowing me as you do, I would not have attended a ‘Prayer’ vigil. Knowing Hamtramck as I do, I wanted to see what our reactions were especially because we have a large Muslim community, from Yemen, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bosnia, et al. Hamtramck is really unlike any other city I have ever seen. Within the 2.2 square miles, 65 languages are spoken in our schools. As far as I am aware, there has been no violence, and no intimidation. The Muslim community has not been in hiding either. Life is carrying on as best as we can. The turnout for the vigil was fantastic, by all sectors of the community. The government officials gave brief speeches, but most of the time was given to leaders of the various ethnic groups, and prayers were offered by several Muslim and Christian clergy. To a man, no one spoke with Bush’s bluster and sabre rattling, but everyone expressed a sincere sense of loss and compassion, and hope for real peace. Since we have a poor community, it was done on little budget and time, but was very well done. At the end, everyone wished his neighbor well, even though this may have been the first time that many of these people had directly engaged someone from another ethnic or religious group. Regardless of being inundated by calls for retaliation and prolonged war by the government and popular media, I can’t help but assume that most Americans and people in other countries feel more as we do.


2001sep17. Rumor Control [via fark]

2001sep17. Observations by Red Cross worker Deborah Schulz [via peterme]

2001sep18. David Letterman’s monologue [via metafilter]

2001sep18. Actor James Woods rides in terrorist “dress rehearsal plane” one week before attacks?

2001sep18. Jon Carroll [via molly]

2001sep18. 9-11peace.org: An Eye For An Eye Leaves Us All Blind. Before firing off an email, though, consider that the volume of email received by representatives has devalued it. Perhaps a letter or telegram ($) would be more effective. Additional reading: Making Your Voice Heard: A guide to effective communication with your elected officials.

2001sep18. Ted Rall on WTC

2001sep20. Fighting insanity with insanity – “lite” nukes

2001sep20. Run-down on US-sponsored terrorism [via robotwisdom]

2001sep20. Salon: The “enemy” we barely know.

2001sep20. Revolutionary Assocation of the Women of Afghanistan

2001sep20. Recent re-publishing of press release RE:UNOCAL’s involvement with aborted Afghanistan pipeline project

2001sep21. Washington Post article: September 11th detainees released ... Statement from relative detailing rough treatment, subsequent decision by media not to air interview.

2001sep21. More on the Red Cross [via neal]

2001sep21. J Church newsletter (comments on WTC attack; seven parts) [via peacedividend]

2001sep22. I don’t write them. I just point at them.

2001sep23. Snapshot of a Dog. James Thurber 1945.

2001sep24. Barbara Lee on her decision to oppose the resolution to authorize force

2001sep24. Barbara Ehrenreich: Those Who Don’t Get By

2001sep25. Not My Desk returns.

2001sep25. Interview with Barbara Ehrenreich.

2001sep25. The trailer for John Cusack’s new movie Serendipity had me thinking that I was going to spend, for the first time in months, full price for admission because it sounded like a “must see.”The way the commercial was put together, I got the impression that two people randomly meet, then the woman decides to play a cat-and-mouse game with the guy, because he doesn’t have any information about her – her name, address, job title, interests, etc. But then I read the plot summary over at imdb (spoiler?) and it’s something a bit different that makes the premise, if I’m understanding it correctly, a bit shakey. Adding note to To Do list: “rent Serendipidity when made available.”

2001sep27. Mail.

To whom it may concern:

I am writing regarding a group tour for our home school group. I use to work at the Stark Candy company in Pewaukee and I loved it! I thought that we could take a tour if available. We have a group of home school kids starting at the age of 6 and up. The group consists of at least 15-35. Could you send me details asap. What the tour consists of, how much, what time frame, etc. I appreciate your time and I hope that I have received the correct e-mail address. I would like a tour in Pewaukee, WI.

Mrs. Herman

Dear Mrs. Herman:

As a pretend represenative of Stark Candy, I’d like to honor your request for a tour, but this service has been temporarily cancelled due to a “chain-reaction” of serious accidents that left a group of children in various states of distress. A little girl, for example, was full of greed and fell down a garbage chute. Another child was seriously fucking around with our experimental Starkovision transmission device and is now smaller than a Clark bar. In another amusing incident, a young boy with soul-sickening optimism secretly drank a levitating elixir with his grandfather, they bumped into the ceiling which had to be washed and sterilized, so he got nothing and was a big loser.

Thank you, goodday.

2001sep28. Cloaca. An art installation that, when “fed” food, creates “shit.”Here’s a nice big picture of the whole apparatus. Interview with Wim Delvoye.