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party poker

2001nov01. Yep, I’m a candy factory. Toot toot, makin’ the candy. Also, I like to give out tons of free candy information!


I’m a promotional material supplier, and am having difficulty locating 5000 brandable candy cigarettes.

Can you help? A 1930’s brand would be cool..

Please mail me back asap, to PERSON AT PESON DOTCOM

Look forward to hearing from you.


have some more ...

Sir: I do enjoy very much the smaller version of the Necco wafers candy. I am 69 years old, and ever since I can remember I have loved the Necco Wafers. But, because of retirement I have had to stop eating the Necco Wafers as the pension check I get each month does not allow me to splurge money on canddies. But, A certain supermarket chain by the name of Albertson’s here in Houston Texas began to sell the miniature Necco Wafer candys, they are called Stark Candy Wafers. So once again because of their low selling price, I have been able to buy and enjoy these delicious candy wafers. But, Now, Albertsons has been cutting out the sales of Stark Candy Wafers. I have been buying them by the carton they come in. What I need is an address or a telephone number so that I can order these stark candy wafers. They are not listed in this website. thank you

... and some more from Indonesia ...


Dear Card House

I am citizen of Indonesia who want to know how to purchase one slove of PALM CIGARETTE OF PIETERMAN (HOLAND – 2000), frankly speaking I need only this small quantity due to my grand father who are very sick and maybe this is his last request. so dear card house, please let me know how to purchase this or maybe you have suggestion to buy this cigartte in Indonesia.

Best regards Rustam

I think that’s all of recent ones. So, I’m asking you, my loyal readers - should I redesign the site as a candy manufacturing facility and move the weblog somewhere else to draw in more suckers, or should I continue to send them very, very sour replies? Or both? Or neither? It’s UP ... TO YOU!