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2001jun01. “I’m Rich” SpeedJobPass for foreigners

2001jun04. I’m desperate to take home one good thing about calling tire places all day and getting a massive tire-induced headache, and I think I’ve finally found it. It’s “cool” to be able to cut to the chase with a tire representative. I know, it’s not much. But to go from this: “Uhhhh, I’m looking for some tires???” to this: ”Get me out the door with four Pirelli P400’s P175 70 R13” is something, I guess. [screws up eyes] “Look I talk in tire code Der HAW!” God what a nightmare tire buying is. You start out thinking you’re going to cross-check every possible factor, but by the end of the day, you’d just be happy if you could get the approximate number of tires your car currently needs (4). Wear’em down with options, that’s the modern-day tire salesman’s motto. It’s like going to 31 Flavors. “Oh CHRIST, just give me the fucking fudge stripe radials already.” Your favorite tire comedian is also appearing at the Witchita Kansas Holiday Inn June 8th. Advance tickets two dollars.

2001jun06. For about 30 glorious minutes I was able to use Ad Muncher, which is a very nice ad-removal program for your larger PC web browsers. It did a bang-up job save the annoying X10 pop-up (but they have a very extensive options menu that allows you add servers; in this case, you can add “ads.bluefishnetwork.com” and “ads.x10.com” to the proper box and you’re golden). Ads ... eliminated! Ads ... munched! It’s free! Of course you will pay the shareware fee in the near future. I know I will, if I can get it to work again – it went away without saying goodbye for some reason.

2001jun06. Now that I’ve got Ad Muncher back up, I immediately went to the Boston Globe, reknowned around the world for their ad-laden online site, to test it. It’s working! I also found an update on Tom Johnson, the “Underground Man.”

2001jun06. Mail. I have received mail. Oh, the mail I receive!


Any guesses? Anyone?

2001jun06. The Return ... of Ringo!

2001jun07. Everyone’s a winner at Cockeyed.com!

2001jun08. The first tax form.

2001jun09. Electronical coin-operated bowling alley game information. Normally I’d excitedly post this link and then return seven minutes later with three or more links to some of the fabulous images contained within this subsite (of, of course, Marvin’s Mechanical Monster & Mangled Manatee Museum), but the ole’ CTS is flaring its way up to my elbows today, so the show’s off. DIY, spud.

2001jun10. Microsoft’s new bloated Office XP features a little web dongle called Smart Tags – if someone browsing your web site has “Smart” Tags enabled, certain words on your site will suddenly become clickable – and of course, these new links route directly over to Microsoft-related products and services. And I used to think favicon.ico was bad. But wait! Microsoft is giving away (free of charge!) a small piece of code that will disable Smart Tags! All you have to do is put it on every damned page of your website! But this should actually be the other way around – those who want Smart Tags on their site should have to put an enabling code in for Smart Tags. Yeah, I know they know. I’ve already deleted all Microsoft products from my computer years ago, so I guess I’ll just bang my head into this bookcase here.

2001jun11. I am going on vacation, also the machine you are currently accessing is being moved to another location to better serve our seven wonderful readers.

2001jun18. Ebay: Piece of paper worth $2,900.

2001jun18. I made a couch fort and I protected myself from nuclear attack. The end.

2001jun19. Coca-Karma: The Very Secret Battle of Bob Kolody vs. Coca-Cola. It may look like a simple case of a corporation stealing the ideas of an independent ad contractor, but keep reading, my friend.

2001jun20. “Avoid transferring chain and sprocket grease on VTA vehicles and other passengers.” -- Bike & Ride on VTA pamphlet.