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1999nov01. Them buggies are struggling! Pinball is Important. Look at all of these flyers!

1999nov01. Paul Bunyan pinball. I played this game in Silver Lake, Michigan, when I was 14. For about seven hours, straight. My friend and I left the game with about forty-four credits on the machine.

1999nov01. Let me clarify that last entry. We did all of this on ONE QUARTER. Yeah, that’s right. You could really stretch out your Entertainment Quarter back then. One quarter. Seven hours. That’s less than a DOLLAR A DAY to feed two hungry children’s homoerotic lumberjack fantasies.

1999nov01. Another correction. It wasn’t “about” forty-four credits. It was, most definitely, forty-four credits. Because that was the MAXIMUM amount of credits that would rack up on the credit reel. We were tough pinball machine-playing kids, from the streets, and we knew when to walk away from a pinball machine bloated with the maximum amount of credits one pinball machine could hold.

This arcade also had a game by Atari called “Safecracker.”You’d put in your quarter, spin the dial on the fake safe, and pull the handle to try to get the unknown, unnamed prize. “Oh, I’m sorry, you ... lose.” That thing could eat quarters faster than any modern videogame, but I’m sure it brought in about a dollar a day.

1999nov01. Does anyone like magic? I don’t.

1999nov01. Punk Planet ... is back!

1999nov01. Public Works goes to California

1999nov01. Inconspicuous Consumption: Hanger Bolt and Tire Gauge

1999nov01. Shift: Interview with Amy Franceschini

1999nov01. Freakyfranks. Build your own “freaky” “frank".

1999nov01. Japanese-language bloopers.

1999nov01. Let’s take a walk down PINBALL LANE tonight, shall we? Won’t that be fun? Okay, here’s one: Charlie’s Angels. Okay, I had the six-foot poster of Cheryl Ladd, but this pinball machine sucked hard. It was like playing Six Million Dollar Man pinball with all the fun stuff taken out of it.

Weooo, maybe we better not walk down PINBALL LANE if I can’t come with anything more intense than that. Okay, I’m concentrating.

1999nov01. Patrick Combs spends twenty-two days in the Joshua Tree desert without a canteen

1999nov01. I am seeking advice. Is there any free html editor product that has a drag-n-drop feature so I can manage my pathetically old list of links?

1999nov01. Punk pinball game

1999nov01. Hahahaha!!!! Oh, this is a hot one ... Sexy Girl ... don’t look at this at work. “The hottest new idea in pinball ... 200 color pictures built into the action.” Them Germans knew how to serve up a hot game of pinball, yessir.

1999nov01. Apollo 13 was a beautiful, beautiful game that almost never worked. If you got the multi-ball sequence, it would launch thirteen balls for you to play simultaneously. I used to pretend each one was a separate Apollo Mission. “Oh no! There goes Apollo 6! Turn the cameras off! TURN THE CAMERAS OFF!” Pinball is fun.

1999nov01. ANPFIFF!!!!

1999nov01. Back when I saw this pinball machine, I thought it was a spinoff from a really bad TV movie of the week.

1999nov01. When 1976 rolled around, pinball manufacturers were falling all over themselves to produce a bicentennial-themed pinball machine. But it’s hard to give up the old ghost – take a look at the people featured on the backglass of Liberty Bell – Thomas Jefferson, the fellers from Iwo Jima, and there, far right, that’s Ms. Liberty-Nee-Adolescent-Male-Attractant.

1999nov01. And here is one of the best pinball games ever. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Monkey brains! I played this game with my ex-girlfriend once – I got into the zone, and couldn’t lose the ball for about twenty minutes. The best game ever, except for the time I played Addam’s Family on a smooth carpet and was able to move the machine a foot to the left and right without tilting it. Came back to work an hour late. I have my priorities straight, yessir.

1999nov02. More pinball: A reader recommends Safecracker (the Safecracker mentioned below). “It’s really an acquired taste – the box is small but the fun is complex and seemingly infinite. Just when you feel like you’ve beaten the game, you realize there’s a part you haven’t even explored.” I’m wondering what that “token-pin” nonsense is all about.

1999nov02. Ask Uncle Willy, the point man for Williams Electronics. Excellent!

The precise angle of 6.5 was determined after months of grueling clinical trials and focus groups, with biofeedback and eye- tracking equipment feeding the real-time human factors data into banks of Cray supercomputers, while GPS and NIST data were simultaneously factored in to remove any skewing due to time or place. Or maybe that was just the empirically determined angle of one machine once that “sure felt like it played well.” Uncle Willy is not sure which story to believe.

1999nov02. Fathom was also another pinball machine I spent way too much time touching. I’d ride my bike five miles from my house to go to the arcade in Sears, stay the whole day eating crap from the candy counter next door (what a coincidence!), ride home, and get yelled at by my mom.

1999nov02. Ram raiding is BACK!

1999nov04. Uh-oh! Chongo!

1999nov04. KLF’s The Manual (How To Have A Number One – The Easy Way). Horrid background, cut-n-paste into your own groovy word processor thingie. A must read, smart n’ saucy. [via Bovine Inversus]

1999nov05. Stay Free: A brief look at the marketing of diamonds

1999nov08. "Over ... over ... down a little ... let’er rip!” There’s something magical about sacrificing a goat over an airplane via a light-duty crane. This is not really the main thrust of the article, but I stopped reading after the goat/jet bit, because it’s just not going to get better than that.

1999nov08. [SF] Save the Camera Obscura. Yep, the guvmint’s getting all itchy to bulldoze the Camera Obscura again, because it’s a big ole’ eyesore for those old tourists eating in the Cliff House ...

1999nov08. San Francisco’s Playland at the Beach (1921-1972)

1999nov09. Straight Dope: Creole HUD document fiasco source(s)

1999nov09. Advertisement: Looks like someone’s having a little problem with the projector.

1999nov09. Sometimes an obnoxious animated-gif start page is a very, very good thing.

1999nov09. Tip to Burger King employees: Avoid working the night shift.

1999nov09. The Utah baby namer! “An online help for parents looking for that distinctive name that says ‘I’m a Utah Mormon!’” [via Eric R]

Boys: Deontre’, D’Frank, Cydoran, Clip, Bryce-Zock, Messiah Angel, Lewise Linton, Sterile, Shurm, Tugdick

Girls: Aaronica, Ahmre Jade, Alpha Mae, Ann-Toy, AndiOdette, Arcola, Beefea, Bimberly, Blessing Ream, Chlorinda, Christmas Holiday, Confederate America, D’le, Ferol, Fleetah, Forthilda, Jena V, Jennyfivetina, K-8 (one less than K-9, I suppose), Magpie, Mormon Beauty, Shiloh, Shondie, Southern Justice, Syrullean, T-Ann, Teton, Thankful Flood, Trauma Anne, Treasure Ann, X Y Zella

1999nov09. It’s not like Utah has a lock on bizarre names – a woman at the “Save The Camera Obscura” function, so moved by the Camera Obscura, had changed her name to ... “Camera Obscura.”Camera Obscura Camera Obscura.

1999nov11. No entries for awhile. Check back next week?

1999nov12. Mail.

do you have poke’mon trading cards

As it turns out, through some strange quirk of my body chemistry, I shit solid-gold Poke’mon trading cards. Most of the hard-to-find ones, too!

1999nov15. Mail.

Yea Verily Praise the Supernal Wood, Hast Thou receiveithed thy Tape of gleaned music and Woodian Wisdom or did Thouist mark return and fleeith fromith the PO or just dumpith the tape in the dust bin___Love in Wood__Tor. [some url] Praise be unto The Good Reverend Steve.

- [lots of numbers]@compuserve.com


1999nov16. Straight Dope: The real story of Tokyo Rose. ”There were some ships, American ships ... and they may have been destroyed.” ”Give her ten years in jail.”

1999nov18. Momentarily frenzied trading within every single celebrity death pool.

1999nov18. The big, big babies like to show who can cry the longest! Big poor loud-mouth babies.

1999nov18. Rain Barrel: Interesting old Bugs Bunny reference to Count Basie detailed

1999nov19. Las Vega$ buffet reader rankings.

1999nov20. Mail.

hello, i saw youre raster to vector example not sure if i can fgure out how it works but it will maybe a start example for me

do you maybe have a full working example for me (for hobby use)

thank’s in advange!


-- Greeting’s From The Netherlands, Lubčrth

1999nov20. Mail.

hi i was wondering if you could tell me how to throw a curve ball in bowling i have a brunswick sparkle ball.thanks

- clown p.

First you must visualize yourself at a bowling alley. Now, visualize a caring, nuturing bowling teacher standing next to you as you approach the lane. Then, imagine in your head exactly what this teacher would say to you. Follow those instructions.

1999nov22. Word Work: Air hilarity. “Oh yes, yes, we would love a cheeseburger!”

1999nov22. Heil heater! “Declare war on the cold front!”

1999nov22. Portable parking meters. They’re only fifteen bucks! What?

1999nov22. Can kids gamble? I’ve never seen kids gambling. Kids ... gambling? Gambling children?

1999nov23. This is exactly what I am doing for New Year’s. Popovers, egg-shaped rocks, the whole shit.

1999nov23. [Dr. Cliff] Little Rubber Indians go public with dazzling IPO. No.

1999nov24. All About cutting and pasting [via deuce of clubs]

1999nov25. Mail.

Do you know anywhere that i can buy Black Black gum on the internet? Ive been looking everywhere! Thank You



1999nov30. Entertaining website, or chilling preview of our police state future? YOU be the judge.