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1999jan02. I have created the Official Cardhouse Song Of 1999.

The Stairway of The Edmund Fitzgerald
[all lines are from either song save the second and last one.]

[melody: The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald]
There’s a lady who’s sure all that glitters is gold
and she’s buying the Edmund Fitzgerald

There’s a sign on the wall but she wants to be sure
And you know sometimes words have two meanings
And late that night when the ship’s bell rang
Could it be the north wind they’d been feelin’?

And it’s whispered that soon, if we all call the tune
Then the piper will lead us to reason
As the big freighters go, it was bigger than most
With a crew and good captain well seasoned

When suppertime came, the old cook came on deck
Sayin’ “Fellas, it’s too rough to feed ya”
In the tree by the brook there’s a songbird who sings
he said ”Fellas, it’s been good to know ya”

They might have split up or they might have capsized,
They may have broke deep and took water
And a new day will dawn for those who stand long
And the forest will echo with laughter

[rockin’ part] And as we wind on down the road
Our shadows taller than our souls
And the iron boats go as the mariners all know
Who shines white light and wants to show
And farther below Lake Ontario
Takes in what Lake Erie can send her
[you may think the previous line is a fudge, but
Page and Plant fared no better in this area]
When all are one and one is all
To be a rock and not to roll
Woe oh oh oh oh oh
And she’s buying the Edmund ... Fitzgerald ...

[break into disco extravaganza from “MacArthur Park”
here, with a deft segue into “Live or Let Die,” end
with machine gun sample from ”Love Missile F1-11"]