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1999apr20. I Went To Berkeley This Sunday And Now I Smell Like Patchouli.

I went to Berkeley this Sunday and now I smell like Patchouli. It’s everywhere on Telegraph street, stinking up the place. It seeps into your clothes, and it just lingers for hours. It is hard to decide between the raw, fresh scents of Berkeley and the masking odors of Patchouli. Perhaps if there were no fresh scents in the first place, then one would not need to use Patchouli. When I walk in Berkeley, my fists are clenched unless I am holding a bag.

House Of Nanking Restaurant Review.

At the House Of Nanking, there are menus on the tables when you are seated. Don’t look at them. The owner will steal them away from you almost immediately and ask you what type of meat you like – chicken, beef, pork, fish; then you will get your food seven minutes later. Everyone gets a different plate. It’s random. We talked to some Australians at the next table over, they were totally amazed. “It’s like this in every restaurant in America,” I didn’t say. That would have been funny. I was not at the top of my game then, I was too busy eating.

The food is damned good.