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1998may05. I went with a friend to his bank today and instead of teller windows they had TV screens and those vacuum tubes. He said now sometimes the teller will appear on your screen, then your neighbor’s screen. See, now through the magic of technology, one teller can wait on two or more customers. He said it’s now about ten times as slow. The bank had to install an ATM machine inside for all the disgruntled customers. I just burn all my money, cuts out the middleman.

1998may24. The Sony Playstation martial arts video game “Dead Or Alive” may appear to be little different than the genre’s vast landfill, but this game has an option menu that includes a check box for “BOUNCING BREASTS.” And sure enough, if you click that box, the torsos of female fighters suddenly exhibit ridiculously-exaggerated swaying. Technology ... bringing you the sexism of tomorrow ... TODAY!