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1998feb01. Mail.

hey! what’s with the ever-shifting titles of magazines? “x,” “dryer,” ”cardhouse” ... obviously legal troubles ... or a scam.

i was a subscriber in the old days (i think one of my letters was printed in x9 or x10), but got lost in my personal shuffle and various exgirlfriends absconded with my beloved x’s and left me to wallow in humorlessness until this glorious evening when i found the lode of laughs thought long lost.

x (or whatever) is the best ‘zine that ever is/was.

-michael l.

ps: may be (re)opening a branch of the cacophony society here in new jersey.

For the record:

The switch from X Magazine to Dryer Systems occurred because everyone thought the “X” stood for porn or Generation X. No.

The switch from Dryer Systems to Cardhouse occurred because of several reasons. Just to name two, dryer.com was already taken and “dryersystems.com” seemed a bit wordy; also, the logo itself was taken straight from a dryer box and I didn’t feel like dealing with the law should that ever come up (longshot at best, but hey).

The funny bit is that there is something called “Cardhouse” in the UK which sells porn decoder cards for satellite dish systems or such. Porn: Try To Escape It.

1998feb05. Mail.

nice photos. real cool ... the lost ones. are you sure that isn’t Chris Farley? maybe he’s the next Elvis. my moving truck was stolen and contained a box full of all my photos. one picture is like losing a hair, but all is like losing your entire skin.


1998feb06. X Magazine/Library Of Congress Rejection Letter.

No, really, the original letter said “Head.” He is just The Head. And when the government says “your timely attention,” you know they want to get rid of you.

1998feb22. Mail.

Hi. My name is Joanna, and I am part of the mornig show at WDST in Woodstock. Your magazine seems really insane and useful, and I’m interested in ordering a subscription. However, I need permission from my boss. If possible, I’d like to receive a complimentary issue. This way, we could review it together and decide if your publicatio suits our needs.

1) I do not send out complimentary issues.

2) Subscriptions are not available.

3) I am not sure how our magazine can possibly suit the needs of a morning radio show. Nevertheless, I will tell you that our next issue will not be available for some months. An announcement will be made on the web site when this happens. [special additional webnote here: If ANYONE is going to pay for a magazine, it’s someone who’s going to use it for their damn JOB]


I found the article by Jack Szwergold on Japanese Candy. I am looking for a wholesale distributor of this candy to sell in my gift store. Do you have any contacts? Please advise. Thank you.

I have no contacts. You could go to a Japanese grocery store and look for the little distributor labels they stick on the candy. Also, while we’re on the subject, everyone should go on a FUN JAPANESE CHOCOLATE TOUR! HOORAY!!!!!