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1997sep02. Mail.

Subject: hello from post burningman 1997

hi, i’m kent. in case i met you at burningman. Doc gave me your website address on a popsickle stick, and i have deemed it to be one of the top entertaining sites (to me, anyway) that i have ever laid eyes on. thank you. thank you very much for this island of useless usefulness. i mean, i never ever give links to ANYBODY or ANYTHING from mine unless they meet certain requirements. yours will be number four. i’ve been at this for three years. okay, i'll quit stroking your ego now.

ta ta

ps :- my site is www.thisiskent.com if you’re curious. not nearly as full as yours, but a site nonetheless ... .

1997sep02. Mail.

Subject: nice page butt ...

u should put better cheese and milks in like the 1 where the kick the crap out of all stand up. Also johny the homicidal maniac is a cool comic,squee is another. thanx for your time and write me back

1997sep20. Mail.

From: [someone]@cso.co.at
To: Friend@public.com
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 1997 17:12:08 EST
Subject: Love story ...

Love story,

Maybe you are rich, very rich and you have gotten everything one could wish for. But something you missed all your life. Your old flame. Then it was impossible for you to marry your great love. And therefore you was in your life unhappy. Today you would give all your money to marry your old flame, but it’s too late. I am in the same boat. I would give my all to marry my great love. But I have nots. And bad circumstances make it necessary to have one million $ to marry my old flame. It was impossible for you to marry your old flame, please can you help me, that I can marry my old flame? Have a love-heart, please.

My E-mail address: [someone]@cso.co.at

Is that a million schillings? Or a million US dollars? If it’s the former, that’s $698,700 USD (currency exchange information provided at the very sexy web page http://www.xe.net/currency/table.htm). I sent email asking the very thing, but have yet to receive a reply.