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1997nov06. Slovakia 2006: A Study in Courage

Unofficial mascot, 2006 Olympics – Slovakia

Courage. Commitment. Quality. Dedication. Sparky™ stands for all of this and more, but what are the humble, touching origins of this mighty mascot candidate?

I remember it like it was yesterday ... it all started with an unexpected letter that arrived in the Cardhouse mail bag ...

From: <[someone]@ru.internet.sk>
Subject: competitionMr. Kalisky,
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 1997 19:01:12 +0200

Mr. ,

We want to you, to support our project. This project is oriented for publicating of Slovakia candidature for Winter Olympic Games 2006. We are organisiing a competition for this project. So, if you can public our page to potentional people, who can help us. All informations about this project you can find on the following url. We are waiting for your answer.

Yours sincerely

Brontvay Zdeno, Dr.


I don’t think that just showing the URL to potentional people is enough for the country of Slovakia. Hosting an Olympic event is a great responsibility, and I want to help. So I’m thinking, Slovakia, old flame ... Slovakia, flame ... who’s Mr. Kalisky, anyway ... flame ... and then ... brainstorm.

Dr. Zdeno:

I am sending your Slovakia candidature web page URL to over 300 people in the next day or two.

I understand that taking on a Olympic hosting is a Herculean event. To further your cause, I have designed, especially for you, an Olympic mascot that you may use in the 2006 Games if you pay me. You may view a preliminary version of this mascot at [this URL].

Slovakia 2006!

Yours, Jeff Stendec

Dr. Zdeno just replied to my letter with a reassuring “O.K. very good!” The wheels are in motion, my friend. The first official act of “Sparky™,” the Olympic mascot I have created, will be to kick the sad asses of “Cobi™” (1992) and “Whatzit™” (1996), respectively. Burn on, eternal Olympic Flame®! Burn on!

Preliminary Study for Slovakian 2006 Olympic Candidature