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1997mar07. Mail.

Hey, I just wanted to send a compliment your way, I really like getting Missives, I always forget about it until it’s in my mailbox ... and then I save it so I can read it and not just skim over it. I have a question, I saw your fonts on the dryer page ... ..very cool. Do you know of any shareware Font maker programs? I would like to try my hand at making a few fonts. I also have an Idea for you for a future missisve ... ..how about doing a story on those gosh darn interesting Hand-Dryers in mens bathrooms ... .but the kicker would be writing about those people who scratch away the instructions ... ... you know ... “these tric dryers have been stalled for our ease” and the ever so famous “push butt ... .rub under arm” there just might be a story in there yet?

Daniel Constien

“Oh Bother,” said the Borg after they assimilated Pooh

I am not aware of any shareware Font maker programs. I'll sniff around. The hand dryer idea would make a good photo montage. The manufacturers have been FIGHTING BACK by getting rid of the wording all together and using ideograms instead. Next time you see one, scratch in a picture of a butt.