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1997jul12. Mail.

Hey there, Mr. Dryer. Would you believe I got more information about the Wave Cannon outta your pages than I did outta Bose’s pages? I mean, sure, they mentioned it, and sure they had a picture, but when it came to even the littlest bit of specs, I was sunk! Thanks for the service, I love the write up.

I fell in love with the WC just a few months ago ... I visited the newest Fry’s Electronics in our area (the Fry’s is in Orange County, California, I’m in Riverside, CA) and scattered in the store are about 5 or 6 huge projection TVs, each backed up by a pair of Bose 802s and slung underneath the screen is a Wave Cannon. And I mean huge TVs ... The WC is about as long as the bottom of the screen. I have never seen these bad boys in action, and probably never will, but I immediately fell in love. I’m a huge fan of anything different and unique, so if I had a home theatre setup with a WC bolted to the ceiling ... Heh, that would rock.

What would not rock would be causing structural damage, as you alluded to in your writing. What also probably does not rock well (at least with the consumer-level public) is the price tag on a Wave Cannon. You wouldn’t happen to know it offhand?

But thanks for posting the info. Once again proof that you can find out about ANYTHING on the Web. And yes, there are 5 Wave Cannons living in the Fry’s in Anaheim, California. Never seen ’em operate, so I dunno if they count for your list of places they’re in the US, but I know they’re there, ready and waiting. :)

Hope I hear back from ya ...


1997jul17. Mail.


What should my bloodshot ol’ orbs stumble upon but yer toyz article! I dig it. 2 random shots into the ether: a) I was dancing bear at a Japanese Kindergarten for three years b) am doing a thesis on ‘Language Imperialism’ but insteada’ the ol’ hoary Marxist chestnut ‘bout how the poor oppressed ‘Other’ is duped by English, I wanna’ examine how English is taken up by people. Not to romanticize it as resistant or some individualistic savior thing ( you know, Captain Kirk comes to the planet with his American agenda ... ) but, for example, it might not be coincidence that in feudal/sorta’ patriarchal Japan the word for sexual harassment comes from ... eigo.

interesting ? if not, that’s cool, sorry to bug ya. Or zap off to anyone who may be interested.

thousand thanks

george fogarasi

1997jul26. Mail.

Subject: oi! blu'y knuckle!

To Whom It May Possibly Concern:

[Cardhouse] is a refreshing breath of air in an otherwise smoggy electronosphere. i particularly was stoked to see another’s appreciation of the finer things in life such as sanrio, fisher price? and a lack of regard for everyday politeness (sans-ettiquette). is it okay if i link to your page from my humbly starting out elephant gazette?


1997jul31. Mail.

Von: Michael [EDS guy] @ EDSUK @ EDSHUBNAM
Datum: 31.07.97 12:14:48
Thema: Re: Physical inventory download


I have receieved a request from EDS Vauxhall sceond line support to run the Vauxhall Physical Inventory job (DEAARE31) to allow them to have a trial run of their reconcilliations procedures prior to the actual production run of this job on the 16th August, 191997.

This job is on request, so can I simply force the job?

Please advise.


I’m afraid I will be in New York City (The 24 Hour Plays) on August 16th, 1997, and cannot monitor the Vauxhall Physical Inventory Job (DEAARE31). I hope you two clowns straighten it out amongst yourselves.

Wait, I’ve just received another [misdirected] email, indicating that yes, the job can be forced. Good. God, I’m never going to understand this company, isn’t this something you two could have done without dragging my big managerial presence into? I apologize for ending with a preposition, but since you’ve all read my Multiphasic Personal Profile Dataset (REF 2.1394.29A), you will probably remember that I’m rather one lazy bastard. I'll clean up the sentence for our weekly Private/Corporate Email Log Transcription Recital & Ritual Beating.

Pass the donuts!


Jeff Stendec

EDS Dance Manager USA