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1997jan08. Jeff Stendec is on vacation. While he’s away, Colin Maciness has volunteered to contribute to this ongoing dialogue with the world at large.

I am in way over my head with this project. I think that will become painfully obvious almost immediately.

-- Colin

1997jan17. [date|1997]

Okay! I am back from my far-flung adventure! I have many stories to tell you, the home/work reader. I would especially like to thank Colin Maciness for tending to the big mess that is Cardhouse in my absence. But now, an emergency PSYCHIC READING!

Hiya. I wanta psychic reading! I’m a little worried that anyone who wastes so much time building a webpage as crappy as mine needs help. Let me know:

My car currently contains: 3 half-empty travel mugs full of cold tea. Kickboxing gloves. Pile of old napkins from Taco Hell, 1 first aid kit the size of a steamer trunk, 1 rollerblade, 1 FarSide calendar, 1 book on Banzai trees, 3 cans of coconut milk and the complete score to Vivaldi’s “Gloria.”

Livi (of Wagnerian fame) H.

Hrmmmm ... I am getting a sense of a life that is “out-of-balance” ... but “down-to-earth.” I am also getting a reading, something about BOXING ... is it “KICK” BOXING, sport of the future? I cannot say at this time.

I am also getting a psychic premonition of a building, no, of actually building, as in the verb. Are you a construction worker? Perhaps this is an avenue of employment that would agree with you.

I see some sort of bizarre mix of COLD TEA and COLA NUT MILK, no, scratch that, COCONUT MILK swirling around, this could be a new taste sensation that you will devise in the near future while listening to ... while listening to I WILL SURVIVE by GLORIA GAYNOR.

Now I am seeing a TINY FOREST ... morphing into a set of dainty napkins. Maybe this is a sign that forestry would be a better career choice, maybe not.

1997jan20. Mail.

From: bean!
Subject: this kookieness

So, there I am, doing a YAHOO search for the UMPTEENTH time, losing hope and all ... searching FRUITLESSLY for freaking “Stretch & Dust” cloths for Boss-Man’s freaking MOP and I happen upon THIS site!

LOL LOL LOL. ANd Ive only just scratched the surface!!!! Its great fun!


beanne fatale