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1997dec11. Mail.

Hey there! My friend Brian and I were the ones who wrote you last summer. We were in tears reading about your expedition to the Great Salt Lake. We intended to head west on I-80 to see the salt flats and also to see your “Stupid Thing,” but an old man working in Salt Lake City’s tourist center said that the flats were pretty muddy that time of year and our intentions of driving on them – a-la land speed records – were misguided. He also said it was just a boring, flat, muddy place, and advised us not to waste our time going there. Salt Lake should hire more tour guides like that man. Anyway, we didn’t go to the salt flats, and drove into the mountains instead, which yielded some incredible sights.

Sean R.

I’m going to go see what the hell that thing is, THIS YEAR [1998], if it kills me. From the looks of it (there’s a photo of it down this page a little), it could.