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1996oct11. Mail.

This is so cool ... Almost just like if I were to have gone through the last four years thinking that my best friend had died and now had miraculously turned up in the witness protection program or something ... (come to think of it, i think that would be a good plot for a “feel-good” summer hit.) I am just very happy to find that y’all are still in existence. The first issue that i saw of your zine was the ‘lil people issue, and i thought it was the greatest thing since packaged oxygen. I also saw a couple subsequent issues (the other milk and cheeze issue (milk and cheese are a whole other taste sensation in themselves..) and the negativland, and then my neighborhood purveyer of crappy comix and role playing games said that they had no magazines, and didn’t know if they were ever coming back ... I sobbed that night just like i did when I lost my favorite starwars figure (the carbonite han solo) [insert brady-bunch unhappy theme music here] and thought that life would never be the same. A few months later, a new zine popped up at the good ol towe, and huzzah ... .it was Hypno ... but that quickly degraded, and started to take on the appearance of a women’s fashion magazine, and their subscription’s never actually went out on time (i was able to pick the issue up at the store a month before it was mailed to me..) and so, there again, life was empty [return to brady sad music] I returned to my life of longing. (fast forward a year or two ... ) (you may be wondering if this is going anywhere, and I have to to agree with you, if you find out what i am rambling on, please let me know)

I finally stopped hitchhiking on the infobahn recently when the newspaper i work on finally went “online” [ugh] and I was looking up evan dorkin when i stumbled into your domain ... well let me say (from what i can see) your style is kick-ass ... and I want to subsribe ... frankly, i would love to buy stock (but then again, i am a college student, so nevermind) ... .but i would be R E A L L Y interested in subscribing and whatever else that entails ...

(well, i am being dragged out for a cigarrette) (more pertinent information, of course)

Please send me whatever is necessary for subscription and trinkets ...


Charles/Pat/Kazimer/Tangboy/Jurgaitis, Esq.