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1996jan09. Escape From New Jersey.

As you may be aware, New Jersey and New York were recently paralyzed by a massive snow stroke. The stock exchange shut down, vehicular traffic in both states was prohibited Monday, over 10,000 plane flights were cancelled, etc. I chose Sunday to return to Detroit from a week’s layover in New Jersey, and ended up driving through the eye of the storm with about 100 other cars (some of the poor dears got tired and rested in the ditch). It took fifteen hours to travel 630 miles; I started whooping for joy in the middle of Ohio when my speedometer hit 60mph for the first time. They shut down Pennsylvania (this is a very good thing, actually) about a half-hour after I slinked through; the snow plows couldn’t keep up with the snow. People were staying the night in restaurants, East-bound truckers were being told to find some gas and go to bed for the night, and I was a bundle of nerves. Passing trucks was probably the worst part of the trip; you’re totally blinded by the snow being kicked up (it was very light and airy), and the truck is your only point of reference. So if the truck decides to drive into a lake, you’re pretty much going to get wet. I have now officially earned my Snow Wings. A few people I talked to today had the impression that I’d still be in New Jersey, because only a fool would have left on Sunday. Yes, and?