Poetry for Air-raid Captains

32 hours of continuous offsides
by Brian Ross

The challenge of
Cat hockey.

Vincent Price Meets Eric Hoennecker
by Brian Ross

You must be Eric.
You are Vincent Price.
You really screwed up East Germany, eh?
No. I liked your Dr. Phibes.
Thanks. Bye.

Breasts suck babies in reverse universes
by Brian Ross

I see you.
You are everywhere.
You invade my dreams.
Your image sears my retinas
Like a supernova
Off the coast of Orion.
I am sightless before you.
You are everywhere still.
Get lost, Ernest Borgnine.

Kissinger Licks the Toast
by Brian Ross

I could use
A cassette deck.

by Mike Cramer

Haiku haiku hai Haiku haiku haiku hai Haiku haiku duck.

Jimmy Hoffa's Camera
by Mike Cramer

My love is like an icicle.
It melts
and hangs from a tree.
Contintental drift is wonderful;
it brings you closer to me.

Kissing Invents "Toast Sex"
by Brian Ross

I could still use
A cassette deck.

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